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Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is going to be a little different now


The lack of Generals 2 news basically made me completely forget the game was even suppose to be around, but more of the game was revealed at this year’s Gamescom. Forget the Generals 2 part though, its now just Command & Conquer and its going free-to-play.

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Renegade-X is the C&C: Renegade fan’s dream come true

Hole-E-Crap.  I did not see this one coming.  The modding community is vast and quite honestly a little hard to tap into at times, so its understandable that I had no idea this was ever on the horizon.  Renegade-X, the adaptation of C&C: Renegade is now released and it looks fantastic.  Hit the jump for a video preview and some background on why this is sort of a big deal.

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Command and Conquer free-to-play game announced, named “Tiberium Alliances”

Oh, so that’s what they were going to call “Alliances”.

Last week it was rumored that Bioware may be making the next Command & Conquer game and some iplookups revealed the name of the game might be called Command & Conquer Alliances.  Once we found out that game would actually be Generals 2, I only briefly paused to wonder “yea, but what was that alliances name all about?” before jumping right back into my excitement for another Generals game.

Well, EA has just announced that a free-to-play game under the title Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances will be coming out not just soon, but today!  It goes into beta and after you watch the trailer with the extremely campy rock backround music you’ll realize why they might have kept it hush-hush for awhile.

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Generals 2 announcement is a complete surprise to me

Just last week I was remarking that there was no chance in hell that Bioware’s next game would have anything to do with the huge offshoot in 2003 that was Command & Conquer: Generals.  Well I am nearly shocked that this next game is, in fact, a sequel to the aforementioned game.  Not because it was a bad game, mind you, in fact I played it at almost every LAN party for about 2 years.  It was surprisingly well-balanced and fun.  No, I was surprised because the C&C fanbase rebuked the game so hard back in the day.

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Spike TV Video Game Awards trailer round-up

The VGAs for me are much more of a place to check out some early game previews for the coming year.  Its like a very early E3 condensed into a short, silly, award show where people tea-bag each other on stage.  Hit the jump for all of the trailers from this year’s show!

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Rumor has it next Bioware game is “Command & Conquer: Alliances”

There’s been some speculation around what EA and Bioware are teaming up to do next, but a recent domain registration for around a dozen different names has everyone thinking the next game is going to be called “Command & Conquer: Alliances”, presumably taking place in the C&C universe.  Hit the jump for the full story!

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