Decoding FEZ’s language, puzzles and secrets

Odds are that if you played FEZ over the weekend, you probably bumped up against more than a few monolithic brain-teasers.  Some of the puzzles in FEZ are literally taken right out of Riven and are pretty brutal to figure out solo.  That’s why FULLNOVAZERO is here to help you out!

Engage SPOILER ALERT LEVEL 99! Don’t read on if you want to figure out the puzzles naturally.

First off, I wasn’t kidding about Riven, one of the staples of the game was figuring out a Base-25 numeric system for some of the later game’s puzzles.  Yea, it was a little nutty, but so is this:

That’s the hint you’ll get to figuring out that the game has its own unique numeric symbols.  The trick is to think of the game’s take on dimensions and this where I finally went “ah-ha!”  See the symbol on the far right?  That represents 2 sides of a cube, i.e., the 3rd dimension.  Working backward, you can see the one to the left of it is the 2nd, flat dimension (Gomez’s primary dimension), left of that is a single line, a.k.a the 1st dimension and finally a dot, which would translate to no dimension or zero.

From left to right we then see the symbols for 0,1,2,3:

Now, I don’t want to ruin all the fun for you, but there is a certain artifact puzzle that requires knowledge of this.

Next up, the game’s Konami code secrets.

If you got to a certain point in the game, you probably found a really annoying level where whatever you did translated to a symbol on a big box.  This is not too surprisingly a clue to many of the game’s secret codes that will reward you with anti-cubes and secret rooms.  That room translates to this:

Do those look any familiar?  These Tetris-like symbols are littered throughout the world in clever ways.  You’ll often find them mashed-up together on purple pillars.  Entering in the code correctly usually reveals a new secret.

Some other things to look for:

  1. Extremely easy to recognize QR codes will appear on some walls.  Whip out your smartphone and scan it to receive another Konami code (and an achievement).
  2. Treasure maps are not one-sided.
  3. There’s an entire language to the game’s ancient civilization and some areas that help to translate it.  I never could wrap my head around the clues to this, the number stuff was difficult enough.  There are pretty good discussions about it around though.

Have fun in New Game+ mode everybody!

Update: Somebody made a great, non-spoiler way to translate text in the game.  You’ll need to find the translations yourself (see link above), but its a great little tool for use on your adventure!  FEZ Translator.


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