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Fortnite is Minecraft meets Unreal Engine 4

Last year we heard a blip about Fortnite, the next game from Unreal and the first to use their Unreal Engine 4. The initial teaser video had me thinking “Minecraft”, but it didn’t seem like anyone else had the same idea, so I stayed pretty low-key about it until I got to see some more. During a preview at this year’s PAX Prime I can confirm that Fortnite is indeed Minecraft with way spiffier visuals and likely more fleshed-out gameplay.

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Its not easy pretending to be human in Octodad

Revisiting the Indie Megabooth on Saturday I sat down at several booths and talked to all sorts of developers. To be honest I’m not sure what I’m expecting in the indie area of PAX, everything is usually new and unique, no two games really look the same. Well, even considering that Octodad stood out pretty well. This is a game that deserves the title of “high concept” and expects quite a bit of what the industry terms “suspension of disbelief”.

In Octodad: Dadliest Catch (so many puns!) you play the titular octopus who has mysteriously found a place in the real human world, but struggles on a daily basis to keep the fact that he is an octopus a secret. In other words, the game has you, a very obvious looking yellow octopus, doing very menial and mundane chores in an effort to appear human, lest you raise the suspicions of your family and friends.

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Cosplay at PAX Prime 2012!

For years one of my favorite things to do has been to get snapshots of all the great cosplayers I see around PAX. You got to see how amazing Janessa’s Vault 101 cosplay was, now see the rest! Hit the jump for a gallery of cosplaying from PAX Prime 2012!

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Retro/Grade is an insane mix of lane shooters, reverse time travel and Rock Band

Ok, so the game is over? What? What the hell is happening? I just started playing Retro/Grade at PAX Prime 2012 in what is known as the Indie Megabooth. I’ve been handed a guitar controller from Rock Band, my ship on the screen just blew up a huge…something and now the credits are rolling. Huh? But no, something is happening, all of the sudden the credits are rolling backward and I’m watching the battle that just took place in reverse….and now I’m finally playing. This is Retro/Grade and in a sea of games that I could easily call original and eye-catching, this one really stood out as the most fun.

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Slicing watermelons in Metal Gear Solid Rising

I briefly walked into the Metal Gear Solid Rising booth at PAX over the weekend and was a little surprised to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently everyone was preoccupied with playing a more serious version of Fruit Ninja.

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Janessa’s Post PAX Wrap-Up: Why is Nintendo so good at taking my money?

I was one of the lucky few to attend PAX this weekend for the third year in a row, and just like every year, my life will never be the same. All the big names were there: Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda and so on, displaying their upcoming titles with extravagant booths and sometimes scantily clad women. Being a straight female, I didn’t even notice the booth ladies until I accidentally ran into one because I was trying to drink from an open container and walk at the same time.

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PAX going international, gets extra day

PAX will be soon heading to Austrailia, as confirmed by Jerry “Tycho” Holkins and Mike “Gabe” Krahulik. This means that the Penny-Arcade brand and the PAX event will be becoming an international license and will likely be spreading elsewhere to places like the UK some time in the future.

But the biggest surprise is that PAX Prime will be extended by one day next year for a total of 4. That means that at this point, the 3 day mark, I would still be only 3/4 of the way done! That’s nuts!

PAX Prime is always an amazing experience, but going this year as a blogger and someone looking for leads and stories made a huge difference, I had way more fun than I ever expected and talked to so many people that my head is spinning. I haven’t figured out how to write while going to these things quite yet, I was busy at all times of the day. So I don’t know how these other sites do it, but I’ll figure it out. I guess what I’m saying is: sorry for the delay in posts, but expect a huge influx this week, I got more than I can handle, which is great.

Glad to be back everybody!

Hey everybody: Look at how awesome my Vault 101 suit is

I’m a bit obsessed with Fallout, but I guess this should be pretty obvious seeing as I made a Vault 101 suit. I will be sporting it at PAX this year, but I just couldn’t wait till then to show it off, so here it is!

The front. The belt is a tad difficult to see, but it’s there! I realize the blue is a bit too dark, but it is still awesome, in my opinion.

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Its almost time for PAX, where do I meet FULLNOVAZERO?

Hey guys I am sure you are all as stoked as I am to be going to PAX this year. It will be the first year that I’ll be going as a blog writer and unofficially certified gaming aficionado. Its also going to be the 5th year for me overall. This year is going to be special, I can feel it in my bones. If you happen to be going to Seattle and want to say “Hi” to your favorite gaming blog then there’s a few things you should know first: 1) I might give you a hug and 2) I don’t have any swag to give out, sorry :( I was planning on printing some buttons and realized we STILL don’t have a site logo, so I’m going to get on that soon.

Anyhow, I plan on being at these 3 places for sure:

  1. Pre-PAX Board Game Night at the Sheraton Hotel on Thursday, you can find the details here.
  2. .Party() hosted by Notch Saturday night.
  3. On Sunday I plan on being around the Indie Megabooth for a couple of hours, most likely around noon. If you are around please come and say Hi!

Otherwise I’ll most likely be where the wind takes me. As usual there’s way too much to see and do and most of the time I don’t know what’s good until I actually get there. Janessa will be around on Sunday as well, so feel free to pester her as well, but I’m not too keen on her policy with hugs.

I plan on getting a lot of pictures and talking to many developers. I haven’t really done the blog thing while at PAX before, so we’ll see how well I can pump out legitimate posts. I will be tweeting my ass off though, so make sure you follow @fullnovazero!

See you there guys!

PAX Prime Preview: Indie Developer Arcen Games

PAX is upon us dear readers! To celebrate I interviewed Arcen Games, one of the many indie gaming companies attending PAX this year. Erik Johnson gives us the DL on Arcen’s games, including its newest addition to the family; “A Valley Without Wind”. 

Full Nova Zero: Could you give us a quick breakdown of your games?

Erik: Our first game was AI war; a hardcore strategy game for the type of people who want their games to never end, and always have the AI reworking their tactics on you so you never have the upper hand. You constantly have to be switching up your tactics and not be obvious with how you’re going about your business. The whole point of the game is that the AI have obliterated almost all of humanity, so they’ve won. The robots have defeated the humans, essentially, except for small pockets of humanity left, and it’s like the last chance to make a run at these guys. So the idea is you can’t go running into battle, that would be stupid. The AI are much bigger and more plentiful than you, so you take key points by taking certain planets outside of their ranks and get more and more into their ranks. It’s a very difficult game to get into- it’s not for everybody. But, if you’re into strategy RTS management kind of style of games, you could have a lot of fun. Everytime you go into it, it’s a new experience. It’s a single player, but it’s way more fun co-op, and you can win more if you use co-op, because you will die a lot. (laughs)

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