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The Mass Effect trilogy: you might as well wait until November if you’ve waited this long

EA will be releasing a 3 game bundle pack come November 6th for anyone who’s not had a chance to play this iconic and often divisive series. If you’ve wanted to know what all the fuss was about, then I recommend picking up this $59.99 bundle this holiday which contains Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 as well as certain DLC in a nice foil box. Currently only the Xbox 360 and PC releases are dated, the PS3 version will be detailed at a later time. The Wii U will only be getting the Mass Effect 3 version itself and for the full $59.99 price tag (but it does include the From Ashes DLC)

The PC version will include Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station DLC for Mass Effect, the Cerberus Network for Mass Effect 2 which includes some bonus weapons and missions, and the Online Pass for Mass Effect 3 granting co-op access. It does not appear that the From Ashes DLC is included in this bundle.

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Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is going to be a little different now


The lack of Generals 2 news basically made me completely forget the game was even suppose to be around, but more of the game was revealed at this year’s Gamescom. Forget the Generals 2 part though, its now just Command & Conquer and its going free-to-play.

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First Impressions: SSX

At this point I think you probably all know that I am a huge SSX fan.  I was chomping at the bit for another release for years, mainly because I skipped out on On Tour and Blur, and the announcement of another SSX game had me very excited.   Now that the game is out, I’ve played it for a few hours and I’m ready to give my first impressions.

Origin lets you download games you bought on Steam for no extra cost

You would think for a service that I generally think is pretty mediocre that I wouldn’t write about it so much, but EA keeps doing interesting things with it and so Origin keeps rearing its ugly head.

Recently the service has begun activating products that you’ve already bought through Steam on their Origin service.  That deserves a big “say what?“.

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Pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 will net you a free Battlefield 3 copy

Touché EA, touché.  I see you have pulled out the big guns when it comes to Origin and have made an offer that no one can refuse. EA will be giving out full copies of Battlefield 3 to anyone pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 for Origin.

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Mass Effect 3 demo out today!

Mass Effect 3 is nearly upon us.  Admittedly I may be more excited about this game than any other game slated to come out this year.  The second game solidified it as a franchise that can really dole out the heavy-hitting story while keeping the gameplay fresh and interesting.  My desire to hear that 80’s-inspired space soundtrack and earn paragon points is so high I can barely contain myself.

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Methinks thou dost protest too much, Bioware

There’s been a couple of pretty big exploits lately in Bioware’s new game Star Wars: The Old Republic.  So big that Bioware has gone on record to say that there will be quite the reckoning for players who are taking advantage of these situations.  I say: why?  Because people are playing your game a lot?

See, to me the problem doesn’t lie with the player, the problem lies with the reward system surrounding the exploit.

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Retailers want to share profits, only if publishers drop online codes

This feels like some gunpoint drug trade.  “We’ll give you the profits after you hand over the damn codes!”  I don’t really think most industries work like this, but it is what a number of UK retailers are now asking for.  Its no secret that video game retailers make a huge profit from sales of their pre-owned games, sales which in no way, shape or form benefit publishers at all.  That means that every time you buy a used game, the publisher doesn’t see a dime (I know many of you are thinking “oh big company doesn’t make a few bucks, big deal!”, but bear with me for a moment).

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Mass effect 3 pre-order bonus

I, for one, abhor Gamestop and generally won’t step anywhere near it, but this Mass Effect pre-order bonus gear that’s exclusive to the store may sway me otherwise.  For a measly $5 pre-order (and a piece of your soul) you’ll get the N7 warfare gear, which includes the N7 Defender armor and the high-caliber N7 Valkyrie rifle.  The M55 Argus rifle seen in the video is available to all pre-order customers.

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Rumor has it next Bioware game is “Command & Conquer: Alliances”

There’s been some speculation around what EA and Bioware are teaming up to do next, but a recent domain registration for around a dozen different names has everyone thinking the next game is going to be called “Command & Conquer: Alliances”, presumably taking place in the C&C universe.  Hit the jump for the full story!

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