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Indie Spotlight: Prison Architect alpha

Introversion has been around for quite some time now as an indie game company, but not a lot has come out of the woodwork for them lately. I was pretty excited to hear about their Prison Architect announcement awhile back, but now the game is released in its alpha state. Been playing it for a little while, but unfortunately much of the tutorial was lost on me when it glitched. That means I’m basically learning most of the game in this video. Would love to play more of it and I found myself playing a new base shortly after ruining this one. Check it out!

If you’d like to grab a copy of the game in its alpha state and start playing then check it out on their site here.


Indie Spotlight: Gunpoint (alpha build)

Oh Indie Spotlight, its been awhile.  I have to apologize for taking you all down that road of trying to make it episodic somehow.  I don’t mind doing regular updates, but that format clearly did not work for anyone.  Its way better to feature these games on a case-by-case basis.

I was able to get my hands on Gunpoint, which is a very high-concept indie game from Tom Francis (I actually wrote about it some time ago).  I would call it puzzle, strategy and stealth all rolled into one, with a little dash of sandboxing opportunities.  Add to that the slick 8-bit, yet beautifully designed artwork and you have Gunpoint.

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Indie Spotlight: Tiny & Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers

Amidst the plethora of games that release these days on a weekly basis there’s a lot of things that fall through the cracks.  Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers definitely feels like one of those games.  Its a shame, because it has that perfect blend of fun gameplay, wacky artstyle and innovation.  Psychonauts comes to mind.

What makes Tiny and Big distinct and different from most other platforming games, however, is a cutting tool with a slick physics engine.

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Indie Spotlight: FEZ review

One game I just couldn’t put down last weekend was FEZ, an indie game for the Xbox Live Arcade.  Its been about 4 years in the making and its creators have become both famous and infamous for their appearances.  Does FEZ live up to the hype?  Hit the jump for my video review.

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Indie Spotlight: ep. 1

Hey everybody, sorry for the extreme lack of content, but I hope the wait was worth it!  I got to rethinking about some of the videos I’m currently doing, how I’m doing them, what I’m presenting and even where this blog is going.  The result was a few new ideas regarding what I’m presenting and the first one of those ideas is a resurrected Indie Spotlight.  Hit the jump for the first episode of the new format.

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Indie Spotlight: Vessel

Before being whisked away into the universe of Mass Effect 3 I was able to spend some quality time with the new indie game Vessel from Strange Loop Games.  I’m offering my first impressions of the game today and hope to finish it soon (barring that certain other games don’t take up all my time), hit the jump for the video!

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Indie Spotlight: Dustforce

Dustforce recently released on Steam last Tuesday.  After watching this trailer I decided it needed to be purchased.  I’ve spent enough time with it to give what I feel like is a good review of the overall game experience and feel.  I highly recommend this game to fans of Sonic the Hedgehog or anyone who likes a skill-based platformer.  Check out the jump for my video review!

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