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‘Anna’ trailer is pretty, then scary

Its time to promote some more indie games that catch my eye!  Seems like I do that a lot these days, but indie games have long now become my bastion for original titles.  ‘Anna’ is a game that channels a lot of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but with way more light…and outside-ness.  Watching the trailer will really draw you in, then it will basically scare the living bejezus out of you.

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Five games to play before you die

Being a gaming aficionado has a lot to do with playing all sorts of things that a lot of other people aren’t usually willing to bite on.  But some games are truly so great that I don’t know how they slip through the cracks sometimes.  There are simply some games out there that I’m sure many of you haven’t tried that you must before you die.

In case you missed it: February edition

The surprising thing about this month has been the ridiculous number of games that have come out in such a short period.  Its February.  People are suppose to be getting girlfriends and stuff, not playing video games, right?  OK you win this round games.

And not there’s even more games about to come out.  Just in case you missed it, checkout the list after the jump to make sure you didn’t forget about your next big game!

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Rockstar might still do a L.A Noire sequel, but not anytime soon

Anyone following some of the post-release drama around Team Bondi last year now knows that the company is pretty much down and out and with it the chances of a L.A. Noire follow-up seemed slim to none.  Not so, Rockstar says.

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Its time for another Jonathan Blow game

In 2008 Jonathan Blow’s Braid released to critical fanfare and shattered expectations of what video games could do with narrative.  Each part of the game represented a piece of the story and theme, from the way Tim controlled time, to the written snippets of story, to the music and artwork that permeated the landscape.  It was quite the spectacle and after the spectacular ending I was convinced that this would propel video games to the next level of narrative art-form.

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30 games to look forward to in 2012

2012 is here and after a head-spinning holiday release season in 2011 its hard to believe there could possibly be much left.  I’m here to show you just what you can expect from 2012 and show you that yes, there are a ton of great games slated to come out this year.  Hit the jump for the complete list!

Why did 2011 feel like such a disappointing year for video games? (or the year of the threequel)

There was an article the other day on Kotaku discussing 2011 as a year of disappointments.  I thought about this long and hard.  2011 actually had some of my favorite games of possibly the last decade, but there was always this subtle agreement with that statement, something in the back of my mind that told me this year really was a big disappointment.  Now I know why.  You can certainly have great, amazing sequels and some of them may even be GOTY, but if there are no original titles to surround them it becomes a wash of rehashed and refined formulas.

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