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Minecraft Monday goes on hiatus

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing Minecraft videos, just the regular Monday segment.  After finishing out The End Quest I felt like it was necessary to take a step back to think about the next videos I wanted to do and they all will require a little more production value and love than a weekly segment can give.  Look forward to some new, upcoming projects for Minecraft on fullnovazero!


Minecraft Monday – The End Quest completed!

Well, more or less.  You’ll see what happened in the video, but bottom line is that I’ve made it to The End finally!

In addition to today’s videos, some quick news that Notch is no longer heading up Minecraft development.  Everything Minecraft will now be headed by Jeb as Notch presumably looks to new games such as Scrolls.  Hit the jump for my latest MM videos!

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My quest for the The End in Minecraft so far…

This week has seen many new viewers to the site.  Something of a regular bit I’ve been doing each week is Minecraft Monday, but for the last few weeks I’ve been on a quest to get myself to the game’s new area – The End.  There’s a good amount of nonsense, but there’s also some how-to’s and me screaming like a little girl.  Hit the jump for a recap of all the episodes so far!

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Minecraft Monday – The End Quest in HD!

While I’m sure I could do 1080p, I could only figure out the settings for 720p, so that will have to do.  I am actually in love with how much better it looks.

I’ve got 2 videos for you today detailing brewing and killing Endermen.  Hit the jump for videos and enjoy!

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Minecraft Monday – The End Quest Parts 3, 4 and 5

The Quest continues!  Yes, this is a huge update – some might say too huge, too awesome.  Yes, there is nearly 45 minutes of me making an idiot out of myself this week.  Too much you say?  Well I beg to disagree.  Today’s Minecraft Monday started out with a whopping 90 minutes of footage and each cut was like a skeleton shooting me in the heart.

Hit the jump for more!

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Minecraft Monday – The End quest – Diamonds, Creepers and Slimes

The second part of my quest is to get some diamond, which means venturing deep into the caves below my base. This was probably the most difficult time I’ve ever had getting through a cave system – I encountered slimes, creepers and a dungeon full of zombies.

Update: I was trying a new export format and this looks pretty terrible, I’ll upload a new version later today.

Update 2: New video uploaded, looks way better :D