Renegade-X is the C&C: Renegade fan’s dream come true

Hole-E-Crap.  I did not see this one coming.  The modding community is vast and quite honestly a little hard to tap into at times, so its understandable that I had no idea this was ever on the horizon.  Renegade-X, the adaptation of C&C: Renegade is now released and it looks fantastic.  Hit the jump for a video preview and some background on why this is sort of a big deal.

Back in 2002 the still-existent Westwood Studios released Command & Conquer: Renegade, a First-Person Shooter translation of their famed C&C franchise.  The game had a lot of great ideas, combining RTS and FPS elements together in the large “Command and Conquer mode”.  Hell, the game even had superweapons, a series staple.

The game ultimately flopped and is viewed as one of the major factors for Westwood folding at a time when it still looked like a great studio.  But the game itself was actually pretty groundbreaking at the time in terms of gameplay.  Perhaps it was just a little ahead of its time, Battlefield games were just about to make their mark and purchasing weapons in-game was still a long ways off from being mainstream.

But resurrecting these gameplay elements is not the only thing that makes Renegade-X look so promising, there’s also the game’s insane-for-a-mod graphics and just overall polish (its easy to miss the smooth character animations).  I think this mod could have a lot of potential and for the moment its being offered for free, although due to the popular demand the game is currently getting its pretty hard to download (I recommend the bit-torrent link if you can get to it).  I also have no idea if they have plans to sell the game in some capacity in the future, but we’ll see.  Looks like for now they just want to get it out there.  Check out the amazing preview below!



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