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Death By Water

Oh what a cruel world

Water is one of the most abundant resources on the planet, it covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, swimming is frequently one of the most watched Olympic sports and yet water is possibly the biggest threat to video game characters everywhere. For various reasons, water has been a go-to for game designers, whether trying to restrict players in an open world environment or just trying to create a deviously hard level to overcome. Sometimes it just seems like they forgot to program swimming and went for instant death out of laziness.  Let’s look at some of the examples of death by water in video games.

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An open letter to Ubisoft: Do you hate PC gamers?

What’s with you Ubisoft?  You make quite a few games I enjoy, but its pretty obvious that you don’t care about the PC as a platform. Why? What is it about a huge user base and easy distribution system that you hate so much?

Every single PC game I’ve seen come out of the mouth of Ubisoft has been a delayed port.  Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, 2 weeks delayed.  Ghost Recon: Future Solider?  Over a month delayed.  Why?  And now Assassin’s Creed 3 is delayed to sometime before Christmas, but only for PC.

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Assassin’s Creed trailers always have the best music

Going into this week’s E3 coverage I knew 2 certainties: 1) Assassin’s Creed III would be there and 2) the trailer would have a kickass soundtrack like always.

I want to meet the man out there who keeps choosing these songs, because every time I get both goosebumps and a new entry to my song collection.  Hit the jump where I’ll take you through past Assassin’s Creed trailers set to great music.

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A deeper look at Assassin’s Creed 3

After getting a little sample last week of what the general concept is for Assassin’s Creed III, now we have a much better understanding on how that concept will be realized.  Press release mumbo-jumbo aside, the trailer and screens for AC3 really show off some interesting new ideas about the game.

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Assassin’s Creed III will take place in the American Revolution

Wow, I can thoroughly say I didn’t not see that coming.  Some of us were expecting Feudal Japan, maybe World War II, or perhaps just the modern day, but the Revolutionary War?  That’s pretty interesting and I’m excited to see where this goes.  Game Informer will have the exclusive for their April issue.  Hit the jump for more images!

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Assassin’s Creed 3 set to release in October

Is yearly releases the new “thing” when it comes to major publishers these days?  I’m not sure I see the point in pumping this stuff out so fast, especially when its such a storied game as Assassin’s Creed.  In any case Assassin’s Creed 3 is set to release this year on October 30.

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Possibly the worst selection of nominees for “best writing” in 2011

This selection of nominees from the Writer’s Guild of America for best writing in video games seems…misguided?  No, this is the writer’s guild after all, so let’s use a thesaurus.  I’d say its: disinformed (I’m citing thesaurus.com on that word, its realness is questionable).

Apparently the Writer’s Guild of America has put together their nominees for the best video game writing of 2011 and it seems just a little bit off.  Hit the jump and see if you can spot some of the questionable choices.

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Skyrim vs. The best games ever made

Fus Ro...I don't know the third word yet

Skyrim is among us.  Its amazing.  You probably didn’t even need me to tell you that at this point, but I will anyway.  Some are saying Game of the Year, which is nice, but why not go for the gold?  How do we make this thing “Best Game Ever”?  You don’t just hand out a crown like that without some extensive consideration for other great games that have come before it.  What’s the best way to determine who’s the greatest?  Why a battle royale between each game on its own terms of course.  Read on to see if Skyrim can take the belt!

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The Top 10 (Mostly) Do-able Video Game Costumes

Halloween is tonight and you don’t want to be called out when you stand on your tip-toes and go as “my slightly taller brother”.  These are not only some great gaming-themed costumes, but are also mostly do-able, as in they won’t take weeks and weeks of work to pull together.  You might not be able to pull it together before its time to steal candy from the neighbors, but at least you can admire the effort others put in.  Hit the jump for more!

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