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Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is going to be a little different now


The lack of Generals 2 news basically made me completely forget the game was even suppose to be around, but more of the game was revealed at this year’s Gamescom. Forget the Generals 2 part though, its now just Command & Conquer and its going free-to-play.

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Playing the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend

Betas can be a 2-edged sword.  While there’s a lot of great things associated with them, such as stress testing servers, tweaking gameplay and finding copious amounts of bugs to fix, there’s also a lot of problems with them, like previewing too much of the game early and turning players away with an unfinished product.

The problem with MMO betas is that they need you to level up your character at the early stages of the game for some time, so you get to see a lot of the early game, but typically the late game is what is actually interesting.  Plus, the fact that you are usually reset in progression when the retail game releases means that there will be a lot of retreading over the same material.  Those are the actual problems I have with betas and I wish there were some way around it, but honestly this is the best way to vet a game before its ready to make a debut.

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May 2012 is the month the action RPG returned

If you were yearning for the days of endless clicking and looting then rejoice, for your time has come!  The creators of the genre, Blizzard Entertainment, have returned with one behemoth of a definitive threequel to the game that started it all: Diablo.  It seems like every geek on the planet is playing this game right now and with good reason.  Does this signal the return of the classic hack-and-slash genre known as “action RPGs”?  I think its a resounding “yes” and for more reasons than you may think.

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Guild Wars 2 sold out, doesn’t oversell like everyone else

In maybe one of the more…curious twists of the pre-order business, Guild Wars 2 sold out of digital copies on Friday in the moments leading up to its open beta weekend event.  Note the word digital, as in, no physical copies.  Oh, did I mention this is also a pre-order?

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Stop the presses! Diablo III is having an open beta this weekend!

I’m not big on press releases lately, but this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Diablo 3 will be open to the public all weekend!  So if you’re like me and you still haven’t been granted super special status to the beta yet, then now is the time to get up and start grinding.  You can start downloading the client for the beta immediately.  Go go go!

Diablo® III Open Beta Weekend

Renegade-X is the C&C: Renegade fan’s dream come true

Hole-E-Crap.  I did not see this one coming.  The modding community is vast and quite honestly a little hard to tap into at times, so its understandable that I had no idea this was ever on the horizon.  Renegade-X, the adaptation of C&C: Renegade is now released and it looks fantastic.  Hit the jump for a video preview and some background on why this is sort of a big deal.

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Super Monday Night Combat in limited beta

Since there is that word limited in the title I should be up-front and note that I won’t actually be able to talk about the game until its released in some sort of open beta or even an official release.  I will, however, be playing the hell out of the game this weekend since I’m now in the limited beta.  It looks pretty easy to get in, if you are so inclined, go sign-up at their website here.  For a pretty epic preview of the game hit the jump!

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta hits Nov. 30th

According to Gamespy the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta will be knife-running its way to select testers on November 30th.  Those select testers are ones who received beta-codes during some of the summer’s gaming conventions. Why am I posting this?  Because I happened to snag one of these codes at PAX and look forward to giving you all a preview of the game next week during the exclusive beta.  Stay tuned!

On a related note, do we really need to start calling the game CS:GO?  Sounds silly, but so did LoL when I first said it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Launches Nov 30th

Battlefield 3 Beta Helped Change Final Game

As should be the case with a beta, the results of the Battlefield 3 beta helped shape the final retail game for the better.  Many things I remember complaining very vocally about myself.  The developer outlined these changes on the PlayStation Blog recently.  Hit the jump for details!

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