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Sony to not drop price of older PS3s

With a price of about $270 to $300 for the newer, lighter version of the PlayStation 3 coming out next week, a lot of people had to think: “Wait a minute, isn’t this a price increase?” Indeed, the last PlayStation 3, dubbed the “PS3 Slim”, sold for $250 for a 160GB version and $300 for a 320GB version, often with a bundle to boot. The price increase just begs the question of “Why?” but surely Sony will be reducing the price of older consoles to get them off the shelves.

Not so, says Sony. In another bizarre move surrounding the PS3, they are keeping the old prices alongside the older models, even as the new models take up store shelves. What will this lead to? Confusion more than anything I bet. As the prices will indeed look similar to consumers alongside one another and the bundles will also be similar (both the old an new include Uncharted 3 bundles). Read More…


Its time to start actually getting upset with Blizzard’s “always-on” convention

In the hours leading up to the Diablo III release, our typical gaming Skype call was abuzz with jokes about how long it would take to actually get into the game.  We all knew the score: millions of people would be logging into this game at the same time, so there was not much of a conceivable way to prevent some sort of downtime.  The fact that the open beta weekend experienced a similar problem was a good reason to believe that it would happen again.  The release struck all of North America at midnight pacific and sure enough, there were many errors to be had.

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Diablo III release confirmed for May 15th

The big news today of course is ‘blo-related.  Diablo IIIfinally gets a release date confirmed.  May 15th will be the official release for the PvP-less RPG threequel.  My estimate for some time in the early summer wasn’t too far off.

Pre-orders are obviously already available and I’m sure many are jumping on this.  I’m wondering if there actually is a boxed edition I can get my hands on though, this is a game I would really like some merch to go along with.

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Its about time: new SimCity coming in 2013

I remember a golden time in my life when if I went to go play a game, it was always SimCity 2000.  I was a little young to experience the original in all its non-isometric glory, but so what?  SimCity 2000 was a huge landmark in gaming at the time and a go-to for everyone in my elementary school. You can bet your ass that I’ve been waiting for another proper SimCity game for going well on a decade now and news of its arrival next year has 9-year-old me bouncing off the walls.

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A deeper look at Assassin’s Creed 3

After getting a little sample last week of what the general concept is for Assassin’s Creed III, now we have a much better understanding on how that concept will be realized.  Press release mumbo-jumbo aside, the trailer and screens for AC3 really show off some interesting new ideas about the game.

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The Mass Effect 3 hype machine rolls on with new ‘Fight’ live-action trailer

Didn’t we just do this a little while ago?  I thought you were allowed one live-action trailer per game, but…oh the last one was just photo-realistic CGI.  That must be some sort of loop-hole.

Anyway, yes there is another goose-bump-inducing trailer for Mass Effect 3 out and yes it is pretty great, so get to watching it after the jump!

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2012 may be the year of free-to-play MechWarrior games

With a free-to-play game coming in from the MechWarrior universe soon, I was more than a little surprised to find out that a turn-based strategy game called MechWarrior Tactics would be coming out for the series soon.  Well, I guess I shouldn’t be completely surprised, but let’s face it: MechWarrior has never had anything to do with turn-based strategy games (but it has at least had a couple quality RTS ones).

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Anyone want to go globe-trekking for an early copy of Mass Effect 3?

Since EA couldn’t get the clearance to launch giant billboards into space for Mass Effect 3 (I think people were afraid they would affect the Earth’s gravatational pull or something), they went with the next best thing: attach early copies of the game to 6 weather balloons and launch them around the world.

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Mass Effect 3 demo out today!

Mass Effect 3 is nearly upon us.  Admittedly I may be more excited about this game than any other game slated to come out this year.  The second game solidified it as a franchise that can really dole out the heavy-hitting story while keeping the gameplay fresh and interesting.  My desire to hear that 80’s-inspired space soundtrack and earn paragon points is so high I can barely contain myself.

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Kingdoms of Amalur releases today!

Consider this hype train departed, I bought a ticket for it the other day and now its going to be a non-stop ride until I see the end.  Kingdoms of Amalur had a pretty impressive demo and with a little help from the press was able to muster up a bit of confidence in me to buy it.

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