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Diablo 3’s 1.0.4 patch puts the “Unique” back in “Legendary”

Diablo III has had a bit of a problem with getting players excited post-release. Sure, everyone has played the game for quite some time, but many were expecting that the game would last for years. There’s many problems to fix with the base gameplay and end-game content, but part 1 of all of this was definitely the items.

The 1.0.4 patch for D3 will be addressing Legendary items. Arguably one of the biggest problems was that despite items being tagged as Rare and Legendary, they were still pretty randomized and sometimes they just sucked. This update will add unique qualities to many of the Legendary items and give them huge boosts to their stats.

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Its time to start actually getting upset with Blizzard’s “always-on” convention

In the hours leading up to the Diablo III release, our typical gaming Skype call was abuzz with jokes about how long it would take to actually get into the game.  We all knew the score: millions of people would be logging into this game at the same time, so there was not much of a conceivable way to prevent some sort of downtime.  The fact that the open beta weekend experienced a similar problem was a good reason to believe that it would happen again.  The release struck all of North America at midnight pacific and sure enough, there were many errors to be had.

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Diablo III release confirmed for May 15th

The big news today of course is ‘blo-related.  Diablo IIIfinally gets a release date confirmed.  May 15th will be the official release for the PvP-less RPG threequel.  My estimate for some time in the early summer wasn’t too far off.

Pre-orders are obviously already available and I’m sure many are jumping on this.  I’m wondering if there actually is a boxed edition I can get my hands on though, this is a game I would really like some merch to go along with.

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Blizzard is entering the console game, but how will it fare?

Today in old news I should have posted about a week ago: Diablo will be making its console debut with Diablo III in “early 2012” (the quotes are for the unlikeliness of that statement.

But wait a minute, this news has a little more depth behind it than you may find at first glance.

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Are games just overpriced?


Every so often a huge game like Skyrim or The Old Republic or Modern Warfare 3 comes out.  They charge $60 and we accept it because its the standard price for a high-quality, AAA title.  In these situations I think most people don’t mind because there is a significant premium associated with these titles and we all accept that they will be the most popular (and time consuming) of the crop.  They keep that $60 price tag for months, even years at a time.

Then other games come out at the same price point and only weeks later we see their price-tag slashed in half.  Duke Nukem Forever had a huge build-up of hype and had a lot going for it in terms of word-of-mouth prior to the game’s release.  Had it been a great game I think it would’ve retained its initial price tag all the way until Christmas.  Instead it was awful and people barely touched it even when it was on sale for $10 on Steam only a month or two later.

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The game industry needs to stop announcing things so damn early

If there was one real problem I have with the gaming industry today, it must be the timing of announcements.  It seems that there is no shortage of the need to blurt out that you are working on some sequel the moment development begins.  What for though?  Why even waste our time with this nonsense?  I can certainly understand that you are all excited to be working on the next sequel to some game we all played 5, 10, even 15 years ago, but if there is no clear sight of the finish line then I just don’t see the point of telling us about it right away.

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Only Chuck Norris knows how to stop playing WoW…

…but he’s too busy griefing you to share how.

Yes, the Chuck Norris, butt of all jokes from 2003 to 2006, now has his own World of Warcraft commercial.  And its awesome.  Unfortunately this may be a case of “too awesome, too late” for Blizzard as their WoW subscriptions are finally beginning to slip.  But hey, if they put some legitimate round-house kicking into the game I’m pretty sure they can recover completely.  Hit the jump for the *excellent* video!

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