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Deciding to quit The Old Republic

The decision was pretty simple really.  A month had passed since I last played The Old Republic and I was reminded by the glaring entry on my credit card statement.  Immediately I decided it was time to pull the plug, there’s no reason for me to be paying for something I don’t use.  But really now, that’s the simple reasoning I used behind my decision and there are reasons behind me quitting SWTOR that are much deeper.

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Methinks thou dost protest too much, Bioware

There’s been a couple of pretty big exploits lately in Bioware’s new game Star Wars: The Old Republic.  So big that Bioware has gone on record to say that there will be quite the reckoning for players who are taking advantage of these situations.  I say: why?  Because people are playing your game a lot?

See, to me the problem doesn’t lie with the player, the problem lies with the reward system surrounding the exploit.

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SWTOR Guides: How to gain affection with your companions

Its official, I’m in love with SWTOR (I think I’m also going to start campaigning to call it TOR btw).  I was pretty confused by the whole companion affection deal for awhile and after talking about it with some of my friends as well as looking up some guides online, particularly this one from oldrepublic.net, I felt confident in putting together a little video tutorial.  As usual I’m including my guide notes after the jump for quick reference, enjoy!

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SWTOR pleads for you to stay with a… title for your name

Its an Alert! Stop the presses!

In what seems like a completely unnecessary gesture to get you to keep playing SWTOR, BioWare is offering players who stay after the first month a “Founders” title and in-game medal.  Now normally I would’ve thought this was pretty cool.  I got a badge for my Team Fortress 2 characters that says I played in the beta way back in the day, considering how large the game has gotten its actually kind of a rare and neat thing to have.  But this award feels little weird, I’ll explain after the jump.

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Analyst says EA spent close to $500 Million on SWTOR

Half of a billion.  That’s the number being reported by MarketWatch that EA and Bioware spent on The Old Republic.  I think a lot of us knew that SWTOR had (read: still has) a pretty steep bill, but I don’t think any of us thought it was close to that number.

Considering the initial numbers of $100 to $150 million on development alone, its not too surprising that with building a large server infrastructure and advertising a game for nearly 3 years straight, the final tally would end up being so large.  Marketing for video games can often be stupidly astronomical when compared to development costs.  A small price to pay for success some might say, but I feel like EA may feel this one for awhile.

Considering the heavy price all of those voice actors for the game probably cost for the game’s insistence on voices being used in every dialog (always with several different options), I think this probably contributed greatly.  I hope EA doesn’t have buyer’s remorse over the project, because so far it really is great.  My concern now is just how much is the first expansion going to cost them and will it even be worth it?

Planned updates for SWTOR

So do I pronounce it swoo-tor?  That’s how I’ve been saying it.  It’s probably better to just say “Old Republic”, but you know how we gamers love our acronyms.  Bioware just recently released their 1.1 update which was mostly fixes for the various bugs, performance issues and glaring imbalances, nothing major.  Bioware doesn’t stand to be content with just what they have, however and do actually plan on putting out some major title updates in the near future.

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Playing The Old Republic with old-school Star Wars music


What you need is more of this guy

The Old Republic music just hasn’t been doing it for me.  Usually with games I spend a lot of time on I turn off the music anyway so I can play something in the background, but for SWTOR I came up with the novel idea of playing other Star Wars music.  The results were absolutely incredible as I’ll show you in the following video.

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SWTOR to get its first big patch

Yes, for those of you wondering, Star Wars: The Old Republic has many, many technical flaws as well as gameplay imbalances and just general quirks that don’t make a lot of sense.  I wouldn’t let that make you think less of the game as a whole, but it is what it is.  That’s why fans should be pleased to hear that the first major patch for the game will be coming soon.  It is currently in the public testing phase, which means it will probably be out shortly.  Hit the jump for a laundry list of fixes and balances to the game.

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Is The Old Republic better as Single-Player or MMO?

I’m putting some extensive time into The Old Republic, my most serious playthrough right now is on a Jedi Sage at level 22.  A far cry from the max level of 50 and admittedly I could probably be much further if it weren’t for all those pesky friends and family I saw over the holidays.  The thing that keeps on nagging me, however, is if The Old Republic should be played from a single-player perspective or with other people.

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The tiny man glitch in The Old Republic is downright hilarious

You talkin' to me?

If you are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, then you may encounter a tiny little man who demands both your respect and attention.  At first one thinks “well this is Star Wars, maybe there are just some tiny people in the galaxy far, far away”, then as the character proceeds to talk it becomes increasingly difficult to burst out laughing.  But this is not a normal part of SWTOR, it is actually a glitch where something is causing these characters to load as they would for a small palm-sized hologram, but instead for real life.  It happens on a lot of cutscene areas and it makes me laugh every time, I happened to capture a few screenshots of the last encounter I had, hit the jump for more!

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