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Daily Play: Booting up Retro City Rampage

This is the first time I’ve started up Retro City Rampage and I have to say its a hoot. 1 part GTA and 9 parts pop culture satire. You can find the game on their website.


Meet the new game, same as the old game

2012 is shaping up to be the year that developers finally pushed back. For many years past both content creators and content consumers have bemoaned the pandering of the lowest common denominator. Why can’t anybody make something original for once? Why do we need yet another modern shooter set in the Middle East? Of course we get these games because people buy them, but many of us knew that if somebody ever made that classic turn-based, squad-based RPG they remembered so dearly, they’d buy it too. Well along came Kickstarter and the people responded with money in hand.

But Kickstarter hasn’t been without its criticisms. Though the platform has helped fund numerous big game projects this year, starting largely with Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure, its come to light that many of these games are essentially rehashes of the days of old. A leisurely walk down nostalgia park if you will. For all of its ability to fund developers outside of publisher’s control, it doesn’t quite seem to be able to fund things we’ve never seen before.

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Making a new, but Old School RPG

Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall of Loot Drop believe that people are ready for more of the old, not the new. They might be right. Their Kickstarter originally started out as simply “Old School RPG”, but has quickly evolved to include many more details and a proper name under Shaker. Its a project that deserves a little attention both for its original story setting as well as its veteran creator cred. We’re going to take a deep look at everything this project is about and try to make sense of it all as you may be about as overwhelmed as I was at first. These Kickstarter projects are definitely beginning to get a little hard to digest!

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Project Eternity passes $2.5 mil, begins to take shape

I’ve been watching Project Eternity with a distant eye. I know its there, I pledged a bit of money and I’m sort of trusting the guys at Obsidian to do something special. But obviously Obsidian aims to impress us and prove that they’re not just out for a quick money grab. Indeed, Eternity is already beginning to take some real shape and form, even while its Kickstarter winds down.

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Why have I switched back to the PC?

About 3 years ago I was playing console games almost exclusively. PC games were a pretty rare treat and usually only with games that made sense for PC, such as RTS games. Everything else at the time was just a better proposal on a console. I could sit among my friends and enjoy a single-player game while they watched some TV or even if they played something else entirely. But something happened when I moved out from college. In a really short span of time it seemed like I was playing on the PC quite a bit more than I remembered. My Steam library was filling up at a rapid pace and my time on Xbox Live was slowly parring down. As has been discussed quite a bit recently, PC gaming has made a meteoric comeback, but I want to reflect on why exactly that happened for me personally when I was just so into these console games before.

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Daily Play: Torchlight II Beginning Act 3

Let me say that playing solo is far harder than playing co-op in this game. I die far more often at least. Today’s is lengthy for sure, but (eventually) I make it to a boss and (eventually) I defeat him. Riveting stuff, I know.

What I’m Playing: Dishonored

Of course, first impressions are the most important and what an impression Dishonored has left on me! So far this game feels like the spiritual successor to Thief, with its intuitive sneak system and steampunk-esque aesthetic. I daresay this could be the sleeper hit of the year if it doesn’t catch much mainstream attention.

Team Play: Torchlight II with GRS and Dan

As we plow through the end of Act 2 in Torchlight 2, Dan and I discuss topics like ARPG games, Chronicles of Riddick and how annoying Skype can be. Check it out!

Shortly into the fall gaming season, we are already knee-deep in stuff to play

2012’s fall gaming season really opened up with a bang this year. Borderlands 2 and Torchlight II releasing around the same weekend. The indie community delivered a knock-out blow with FTL: Faster Than Light and I may or may not have a fleeting interest in trying War of the Roses. So many games in the last couple of weeks right? Well buckle up kiddos, its time to take it into the next gear.

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Daily Play: Torchlight II 2-parter

Today I have found that we are now allowed to embed our own thumbnails on youtube, which could be pretty big for our channel going forward. I’ll be getting on this soon as we continue to dial up the amount of content. Today’s Daily Play was unfortunately split inexplicably early on making it an unnecessary 2-part episode. Otherwise its only about 40 minutes long, so enjoy!