Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is going to be a little different now


The lack of Generals 2 news basically made me completely forget the game was even suppose to be around, but more of the game was revealed at this year’s Gamescom. Forget the Generals 2 part though, its now just Command & Conquer and its going free-to-play.

F2P has been spreading like wildfire lately with a few hit games and many MMO’s transitioning to the formula. But to be perfectly honest I didn’t see this one coming at all. C&C is a pretty decent brand unto itself and I’ve been waiting for a follow-up to the more down-to-earth Generals spin-off game a decade ago.

The original Generals was heavily influenced by a desire to “modernize” the franchise as well as movies like Black Hawk Down. For die-hard fans of the series it was a total letdown and I guess it was a crime against humanity to put the build bar at the bottom. For me and others who were less concerned with the integrity of the series, it was a blast. As long as we didn’t go full-blown super weapons it was a great time. I personally played the terrorist faction of the GLA like a champ.  I loved the idea of mounting weapons from downed tanks from other players onto my technicals and hastily built war machines. It proved to be well balanced and great pastime at LANs.

Largely the game was hated by everyone else though, so when EA returned to the franchise’s staple in C&C 3, I figured they would never return to the Generals universe. When word got out about Bioware making a sequal last winter though, I was both perplexed and eager to see what they’d put together.

The result seems to be a hard left turn into Free-2-Play land with a much earlier release planned. I don’t really understand what they are doing in this regard (or what they are thinking), but whatever, I’ll play it in any case. I never cared much for the single player game, so it won’t be missed, all I need is some good multiplayer action. I guess this does put the brakes on any potential LAN version of the game, but these days I guess people just don’t care about that anymore. Sad.

You can sign up for the beta for “Command & Conquer” here. I’ll probably still call it Generals 2 for awhile just for consistency sake and maybe to get EA to change the name back to what it should be.


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    China will grow larger!

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