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Back to video! Janessa and Ryan discuss this year’s E3

Feels like its been forever since I’ve clicked that “Upload Video” button on youtube, but today we return to form.  Janessa was in Portland over the weekend, so we got together to put on a short webcam discussion about all of our thoughts on E3.  I actually thought it went really well and I’m hoping we can figure out how to do it more in the future.

Today’s vlog is all about our impressions of the Big Three at E3 as well as what we thought were the best and worst things on the show floor.


SSX Guides: Deadly Descents parts 1 and 2

Man I love SSX right now.  Its definitely my go-to game.  I decided I wanted to bestow a little knowledge to the masses on how to beat all those pesky Deadly Descents parts of the game, so here you go!  Parts 1 and 2 of a 10 part series go!

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Checking out the Minecraft 1.2 patch with a Rube Goldberg machine

Jens “jeb” Bergensten tweeted a new video that shows off most of the new features to Minecraft in the next 1.2 update.  Its fun to watch and shows a little bit of the scope of the update, namely updates to mob AI to make monsters and NPCs much smarter, such as zombie pathfinding and skeleton survival.  If you can stand the chiptune music, check out the video after the jump!

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The Mass Effect 3 hype machine is powering up with “Take Earth Back” trailer

Its no secret that I’m starting to get ME3 fever.  After the demo’s release and the massive amount of screens and pre-order bonuses being given out, its been hard to resist this game’s almost magnetic pull.  Why don’t more games release around this time again?  Seems like the lack of a proper gift-giving holiday has no bearing around the probable success this thing will have.

Oh yea, there’s a new trailer and its pretty awesome, you should maybe check it out.  After the jump of course.

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Valve’s “Meet the Pyro” to finally debut in 2012

Yes, ever-patient Valve fans, the time has come.  When that mysterious Pyro from Team Fortress 2 will take off his (or her) mask and finally reveal themselves.  Well, I mean, I’m just speculating.  Its kinda hard for the Pyro to say anything with that heavy mask on.

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Another awesome battlefield fan video

Battlefield 3 is getting some mad props on youtube lately and with this latest video we can finally check off the awesome recreation video set to dub-step.  Hit the jump for this awesome video!

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DmC: Devil May Cry looks like a game to take a chance on

I’ll just be honest, I’ve never really been into Devil May Cry-style games, or the whole Devil May Cry series for that matter.  The franchise is now getting a reboot of sorts where the story now takes place in an alternate universe that is constantly shifting with a much younger-looking Dante in the simply-named DmC.

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Another hilarious Skyrim youtube video

Are you guys getting tired of these yet?  Well too bad because I’m not :D

Relationships are born at the end of a virtual sword.  What’s entertaining me more is trying to think of tags for these posts…