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Indie Spotlight: ep. 1

Hey everybody, sorry for the extreme lack of content, but I hope the wait was worth it!  I got to rethinking about some of the videos I’m currently doing, how I’m doing them, what I’m presenting and even where this blog is going.  The result was a few new ideas regarding what I’m presenting and the first one of those ideas is a resurrected Indie Spotlight.  Hit the jump for the first episode of the new format.

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The Bonus Round: More SSX demo goodness

As an extra special deal for all you FULLNOVAZERO readers I’m doing an extra video today that I’m calling The Bonus Round (title pending).  I would like to treat you guys to something a little extra once in awhile, so I decided to pull together another video from some extra footage I captured while playing the new SSX demo.  Hit the jump to check it out!

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Playing through the SSX demo on Xbox 360

With the landing of yesterday’s SSX demo it has been confirmed to me that yes, SSX is still ridiculously fun to play and listen to.  I’m already considering playing the 2 packaged demo courses over and over until the final product is released next week.  I sat down last night to record a little bit of the action and give you a sneak-peak into what to expect when the main title hits.

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Let’s Play: Skyrim ep.1

And from the tail-end of our last Let’s Play comes the next series: Skyrim.  I’m really hoping this can last me some time, but what I’m hoping is it gives me some inspiration for other Skyrim-related videos which are currently the most popular on the FULLNOVAZERO youtube channel.  Anyway, enjoy this first episode of Let’s Play: Skyrim!

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Let’s Play: Sonic Generations

I’m bringing in 2012 with Sonic Generations, which I’ve been excited to play since its release in November. The best thing I’m finding about it is a return to some classic levels from the Sega Genesis days. Check it out after the jump!

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Orcs Must Die! Turns Tower Defense on its Head!

I’ve been playing a bunch of Orcs Must Die! lately and enjoying every minute of it.  Its a tower defense game with a 3rd person shooter twist.  Watch the video for my playthrough and discussion: