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Pic of the week: Didn’t know Cave drove a Hyundai

Somebody definitely has the right taste in decals.

Not many updates from me guys, sorry about the lack of posts lately, I’m working on a few new things for the site that should be coming pretty soon ;)  Have a great weekend!


Pic of the week: That’s just, like, your opinion man

Another end to another week.  Not much to say this Friday, other than I wish you the best.  Portland is going to have a stellar weekend of weather, so I may actually get myself into the wild outdoors for a spell (looks like I may even do some paintball).  There’s a ton of stuff to play this weekend though, with Trials Evolution released, Grimrock still on my plate, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP now on Steam.  And those are just the smaller games!  I’m also hosting a board game night tonight at my office, so we’ll be indulging in some classic Settlers of Catan among other games.  Have a great weekend guys!

Pic of the week: Throne of Games

Full disclosure: I usually get these pictures from Reddit, but I typically come up with my own silly title.  This week I blatantly ripped off the name and I don’t care, because its perfect.  I think there’s a few people out there that like that Game of Thrones show, right?  Like, everyone in existence including me!!!  Yes, I’m a huge fan and I haven’t met a soul yet who doesn’t like it.  But since those people would be literally decapitated in public I think I can understand why they haven’t spoken up yet.

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Pic of the week: Goldencuff

These amazing cufflinks are the stuff of nerd-gasms the world over.  Goldeneye for many people was the game of choice on the N64, much to the same way Halo was the game of choice to the original Xbox.

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Pic of the week: Oh the choices you’ll make

Over the course of 3 games you would think people would have drastically different outcomes.  I think those of us who go out of our way to get away from the status quo of games will have that experience, but many others end up with pretty similar paths.  That’s just how things go sometimes.

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Pic of the week: The slap down

Probably my favorite part about Mass Effect is the camaraderie around it.  We discuss the game in detail after playing it and share what we did.  Its a much older style of multiplayer if you ask me, we all share the experience, but we’re not necessarily playing the game together.  The above picture is exactly how I felt when I told off James the first time.  Then we later had a beer over it.

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Pic of the week: judging eyes of the deceased

Not exclusive to Counter-Strike, this is the sentiment I’ve felt in many last-man-standing style games.  Gears of War was another great example and to some degree Call of Duty.  I had to share this one today as its exactly how I felt back in my CS days.  I wasn’t ever the last man standing due to skill, it was usually because I was away from all the action.

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Pic of the week: Skyrim Monopoly

Since I’m getting back into the board game scene this little mock-up made me grin uncontrollably.  The most clever part, in my opinion, being the stables replacing railroads, brilliant!

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Pic of the week: Return to childhood

You’ll need to hit the expanded version of this week’s picture which is not so much funny as it is ridiculously awesome.  I’m sure there’s a few things in there you’ll recognize and some that you don’t!

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