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What I’m Playing: Journey

Last week I finally ordered a PlayStation 3, which officially makes me a 3 console owner. It feels like a long time coming and I’m not entirely sure how I made it this far without the console, but its neither here nor there. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

One of the first games I wanted to try was Journey. I’ve known thatgamecompany for some time now through the game Flow, which I played on my PC long before it was ported to the PS3.  Elegant and simple, it seemed like Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen had a firm grasp on how to design a game that could give you a lot using very little.

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Steamworks will be used by Borderlands 2

After releasing Steamworks for the absolutely huge title Skyrim not long ago, Valve is now setting their sights on Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 as the next game to prominently feature the modding distribution tool.

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Listen up gaming industry: We still need controllers

The writing does appear to be on the wall at this point.  The next wave of consoles is on its way and we will probably see what they all look like this year.  The Wii-U has already been unveiled.  Its concept is the controller.  But I still fear for where the industry is trying to take us.  Controllers, as we’ve always known them, the two-handed pieces of hardware with an array of inputs meant for ease of use and precision are still desperately needed for the next generations of games, but the industry would like to get rid of them.

Kingdoms of Amalur releases today!

Consider this hype train departed, I bought a ticket for it the other day and now its going to be a non-stop ride until I see the end.  Kingdoms of Amalur had a pretty impressive demo and with a little help from the press was able to muster up a bit of confidence in me to buy it.

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Skyrim Guides: How to power-level Sneak

I think power-leveling anything shouldn’t be quite this easy, but due to the way Skyrim does things it really is.  Hit the jump for my guide and notes!

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Pixeljunk Eden finally coming to the PC

I really do want to emphasize the word finally because for the longest time this was one of the major reasons I wanted to get a PS3.  Since I never did get one (but spoiler alert, I will be very soon), I never got to play this game.

Pixeljunk Eden currently is a PS3 exclusive title made by Japanese developer Q-Games, itsan artistic blend of abstract visuals, some platforming and rope-swinging game elements fused into a puzzle environment.  That’s all I can really say from the numerous previews I’ve seen of the game, now I’d like to actually play the thing.  Hit the jump for a video preview of the game (although it is from the PS3 version).

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Blizzard is entering the console game, but how will it fare?

Today in old news I should have posted about a week ago: Diablo will be making its console debut with Diablo III in “early 2012” (the quotes are for the unlikeliness of that statement.

But wait a minute, this news has a little more depth behind it than you may find at first glance.

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Was the Wii (and motion controls) just a fad?

Usually my friends never made it off the couch

I am shocked that more publications aren’t talking about this.  The post-game analysis from 2011’s console sales should be in at this point and it almost feels like nobody wants to say anything.  Being the tiny gaming blog that I am maybe that’s where I come in.

Wii sales were down dramatically last year.  Nintendo’s quick jump to sales glory seems to be followed by an even sharper drop to near-obscurity.  What does it mean for the industry at large?  Was all this money, development and marketing spent on motion controls just a complete waste of our time?  Let’s investigate deeper into what happened exactly and see why not only the Wii was a just a just a huge fad, but motion controls to begin with.

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Player banned for 14 years in Modern Warfare 3

Some people just try too hard.  Or at least cheat too hard.

One gamer, who apparently goes by the name of “HotShot_01”, has been banned for 14 years on the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3 or more specifically – 5000 days.

“HotShot” was caught boosting in the game by using 6 copies of the game on 6 different PS3 consoles.  How exactly this was used to actually boost is beyond me right now, I still can’t get over the idea that someone would buy six of the same console just to prestige several times.  You get the same guns each time you know!  Even more hilarious is his twitter account which appears to be created for the sole purpose of telling everyone about it:

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Getting a Playstation 3 so I can finally play some old Playstation 2 games

Shadow of the Colossus and ICO are out on September 27.  Yes, I have never played either of these games.  Yes, they are both previous generation games that I could have played by now by getting an old PS2.  And yes, I couldn’t be bothered.

That's a cover you can hang on the fuckin wall.

Sure there’s other games I’d like to play on the PS3 (mostly PS2 ports), but who really cares when you see fucking artwork like this?  I’ve heard amazing things when it comes to Shadow of the Colossus for years now, so I think it’s finally time to man-up and grab the console that I’ve been somehow managing to slip by until now.  You’ve finally convinced me Sony, with 2 games that have been around for years.