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The Mass Effect trilogy: you might as well wait until November if you’ve waited this long

EA will be releasing a 3 game bundle pack come November 6th for anyone who’s not had a chance to play this iconic and often divisive series. If you’ve wanted to know what all the fuss was about, then I recommend picking up this $59.99 bundle this holiday which contains Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 as well as certain DLC in a nice foil box. Currently only the Xbox 360 and PC releases are dated, the PS3 version will be detailed at a later time. The Wii U will only be getting the Mass Effect 3 version itself and for the full $59.99 price tag (but it does include the From Ashes DLC)

The PC version will include Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station DLC for Mass Effect, the Cerberus Network for Mass Effect 2 which includes some bonus weapons and missions, and the Online Pass for Mass Effect 3 granting co-op access. It does not appear that the From Ashes DLC is included in this bundle.

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My thoughts on why the Mass Effect 3 ending was so bad

So this is a rant that I’m sure many of you saw coming.  It took me some time to get to, but I have finally beat Mass Effect 3.  Probably one of the few reasons I ended up beating the game when I did was because I heard so much about the ending and I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about.  I did originally plan to take much longer and experience more of the side quests, but there was just too much mounting pressure to get in on the discussion.  Somehow I was able to remain isolated from spoilers and I didn’t find out why the ending was bad until I experienced it for myself

First of all, let’s get this out of the way on the abstract page:


This is going to be a spoiler-ific discussion and so if you have not beat the game yet, don’t click into it.  I don’t know a good way to talk about the subject without directly referencing some things, so just stay away if you haven’t had the chance to finish this game yet.  With that out of the way, hit the jump for my breakdown on why I hate the Mass Effect 3 ending and why many others do as well.

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Jessica Chobot in Mass Effect 3 is awful

I really don’t have anything against Jessica Chobot personally, but there’s a reason she does what she does and a reason why she doesn’t do certain other things.  One of those things is being a professional voice actress, well until now I guess.

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Turns out playing the Mass Effect multiplayer affects your ending

What a bizarre twist to the idea of multiplayer.

Most of you are probably happily playing your Mass Effects right now, the furthest thought from your brain being that maybe there is more to do than just the single player campaign.  Well, there is.

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First Impressions: Mass Effect 3

After playing for several hours last night and quickly losing track of time, I can already tell that Mass Effect 3 is going to be a huge game to go up against.  I’m looking forward to meeting all of the characters and finding out all of the twists and tricks this game has to offer, but for now let me offer my first impressions of the game.

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The Mass Effect 3 hype machine rolls on with new ‘Fight’ live-action trailer

Didn’t we just do this a little while ago?  I thought you were allowed one live-action trailer per game, but…oh the last one was just photo-realistic CGI.  That must be some sort of loop-hole.

Anyway, yes there is another goose-bump-inducing trailer for Mass Effect 3 out and yes it is pretty great, so get to watching it after the jump!

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Mass Effect 3 and the “From Ashes” DLC predicament

I like to keep quiet on DLC issues usually.  To me if a publisher wants to potentially anger their customer base by including DLC on a disk and charging extra for it, then I guess that’s their prerogative (even if its kind of a dick move).  But really now, I’m a little concerned about this new turn of events with Bioware’s next game: Mass Effect 3.  I know the core game will be rich with content, just going off of the past games, but over the last week we have been learning that there will be potentially very story-important DLC content for Mass Effect 3 on release.

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The Mass Effect 3 hype machine is powering up with “Take Earth Back” trailer

Its no secret that I’m starting to get ME3 fever.  After the demo’s release and the massive amount of screens and pre-order bonuses being given out, its been hard to resist this game’s almost magnetic pull.  Why don’t more games release around this time again?  Seems like the lack of a proper gift-giving holiday has no bearing around the probable success this thing will have.

Oh yea, there’s a new trailer and its pretty awesome, you should maybe check it out.  After the jump of course.

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Pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 will net you a free Battlefield 3 copy

Touché EA, touché.  I see you have pulled out the big guns when it comes to Origin and have made an offer that no one can refuse. EA will be giving out full copies of Battlefield 3 to anyone pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 for Origin.

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Mass Effect 3 demo out today!

Mass Effect 3 is nearly upon us.  Admittedly I may be more excited about this game than any other game slated to come out this year.  The second game solidified it as a franchise that can really dole out the heavy-hitting story while keeping the gameplay fresh and interesting.  My desire to hear that 80’s-inspired space soundtrack and earn paragon points is so high I can barely contain myself.

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