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Some Q&A with Phil Tibitoski on Octodad, Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

First of all, I hope you have seen Octodad, because it looks great. If you haven’t please check out our preview of the game here. If you like what you see you should probably mosey on over to the Steam Greenlight page for the game and give them a quick upvote. It similar to “liking” something on Facebook, except this actually helps make games come to Steam.

I recently asked one of Octodad’s primary developers, Phil Tibitoski a few questions about not just his game, but about the state of his development, his thoughts on Kickstarter funding and even what he thinks of the new Steam Greenlight process to approve games. Honestly I thought some of the questions were pretty hard-hitting, but Phil came through and answered them all impressively. Hit the jump for the full Q&A!

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Pic of the week: Throne of Games

Full disclosure: I usually get these pictures from Reddit, but I typically come up with my own silly title.  This week I blatantly ripped off the name and I don’t care, because its perfect.  I think there’s a few people out there that like that Game of Thrones show, right?  Like, everyone in existence including me!!!  Yes, I’m a huge fan and I haven’t met a soul yet who doesn’t like it.  But since those people would be literally decapitated in public I think I can understand why they haven’t spoken up yet.

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Interview with Robert Burke, the man behind Cartoona, a new Kickstarter board game

Kickstarter is becoming one of my most frequented websites.  Every time I check out one of my currently supported projects, I find a new one I want to get behind.  Initially when I saw the page for Cartoona, pictured above, I was skeptical.  It looked a bit like Carcassonne, but with a much younger demographic in mind.  A couple days later when I saw the page again, I was won over by the game’s cuteness and its never-ending supply of charm.  Recently I had a chance to talk to the creator of the game: Robert Burke, who is an artist-turned-game-designer from North Carolina.  This was actually one of the most fun interviews I’ve had to date and the very first one I’ll have the privilege of hosting on youtube.  Hit the jump for the full interview!

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Interview with “Dustforce” creators, Hitbox Team

I was very pleased with Dustforce, one of the latest featured indie games on the Steam platform.  Its a marriage of precision controls and style with a fantastic soundtrack to boot.  I asked creators Hitbox Team if they would like to sit down and answer some questions and they were kind enough to respond.  Hit the jump for the full interview!

Pic of the week: Skyrim confusion

Meme of the week is now pic of the week.  Why?  Because not everything is a meme, but still is funny enough to warrant your attention.

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Interview with Against the Wall indie developer Michael P. Consoli

Not too long ago I ran a story about an indie game called Against the Wall.  It looked like a great little title and indie developer Michael P. Consoli was able to raise $8,416 through Kickstarter for the project.  If you’d like to try it in its alpha-build, I recommend checking it out here.  Last week I interviewed Michael about him and his game.  Hit the jump for the full interview!