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Can Kickstarter resurrect the “middle class” game studio?

So with the discovery of Shadowrun Returns I’ve begun realizing just how much of a force Kickstarter has become in getting some not-so-small-named studios up and running.  Personally I think Kickstarter will be a bit of a fad in terms of this trend, but for now there’s a lot of money being sunk into smaller studios that at one point Cliffy B declared dead in the water (and he was at the time, let’s face it).  Games like Psychonauts or Singularity or Enslaved.

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Takedown on Kickstarter punches through at the last minute

It was last Friday, I was in the throes of my daily work routine and decided to take a quick break by checking out the latest updates to some of my supported Kickstarter Projects.  Somehow while browsing I happened upon Takedown, with only 3 days of funding to go.  Admittedly the cool logo helped a lot to get me to click on it.  I also noticed the game was sitting at a hefty $130,000, but was still shy of its $200,000 goal (one of my other supported projects, The Banner Saga, has a $100k goal for comparison).

So I clicked in and discovered a project that I almost immediately knew I wanted to back, a tactical shooter that harkens back to the glory days of Rainbow Six.

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Kickstarter and “Kicking it Forward”

There’s been a string of amazingly successful Kickstarter projects lately.  After Double Fine Adventure set some new standards for what could be done with the website, Brian Fargo put out Wasteland 2 and began getting the same reception.  I see Fargo as more of a half-creative/half-executive type, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In any case, Fargo has decided to give back to the community that has helped make Wasteland 2 what it is with “Kicking it Forward“.

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Wasteland 2 project comes to Kickstarter

Fan of Fallout?  This should pique your interest.  Brian Fargo, creator of both the original Fallout and Wasteland as well as a plethora of gaming staples such as Battle Chess and Neuromancer, will be setting out to create a sequel to the critically acclaimed and Fallout-inspiring title from way back in 1988.

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Hawken raises $10 million in venture capital

The same company that helped prop up Riot Games way back in earlier days, has decided to invest heavily in the free-to-play mech indie game Hawken.  At this point I’ve clearly become interested in Hawken and this little bit of news had me raising all of my eyebrows (all two of them).

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ROBOTA: Vengeance is a Kickstarter dream come true

I remember over a decade ago seeing the artwork for ROBOTA, a series of drawings and concept art from film industry veteran Doug Chiang.  In fact, the same website I remember seeing is still up and running.  After briefly flirting with an illustrated book with my favorite sci-fi author Orson Scott Card, ROBOTA has finally arrived at what I think is the most fitting medium for it: video games.

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Puzzle Me is a cute mix of dominoes and Carcassone

Hello folks, its another round of Kickstarter projects I’ve decided to fund, but today is a little different.  Puzzle Me! is board game by Brainstormers, a start-up from Santiago, Chile that aims to bring simple family fun to the living room.  The project is in its last day of funding, so if you are looking for a cute little game to add to your analog game collection then check out their page today.  Hit the jump for my quick write-up with commentary from Brainstormers themselves!

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