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Scrolls definitely is not The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda, I’m not really sure why you had any worries about copyright infringement to begin with, but seriously, what Scrolls has turned out to be is anything but.

Indie darling Mojang has pretty much been the loudest and most vocal of the indie gaming community (and that’s a pretty hard title to hold with Phil Fish in the game).  What with all the lawsuits from mega-titan Bethesda and even going so far as to challenge them to a round of Quake 3 to settle the dispute.  They also tend to talk up a storm about programming techniques and what they’d like to put in their games and how or why some of those things don’t come into fruition.  If they talked anymore they’d be encroaching on Peter Molyneux territory.

Indeed, Scrolls is actually about what any of us who were actually listening expected.  It was announced as a trading card type game around a year ago and…then we pretty much didn’t hear anything about it until the whole Bethesda showdown last year (they settled out-of-court by the way).

For what its worth take a look after the jump, personally I think it looks fun, but it doesn’t really interest me much more than many of the other Heroes of Might and Magic games would.  For that matter it doesn’t really interest me much more than a lot of Facebook games would, but I’ll reserve my judgement for an official (read: beta) release.

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My growing concern about Mojang: perhaps TOO obscure

I’ve always considered myself to tread the line between hobbyist geek and hardcore geek.  Those outside the world of geekdom would look at me and decide I was the nerdiest nerd to ever live.  Those on the far side of hardcore geekitude would see as a mainstream, Call of Duty-playin’ frat boy.  But in my heart I know I’m neither of those things and its why I think I can enjoy the best of both worlds.  So maybe I should get into what it is I don’t actually enjoy.  That would be things like far too obscure programming and mathematics references for me to understand.

That’s where the title of Notch’s newly announced game, 0x10c, comes into play and I begin to get a little worried about the obscureness.  I learned about the game a few days ago and all of the core concepts stuck in my head, but while writing this very article I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name!  And that’s really where it just begins.

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Checking out the Minecraft 1.2 patch with a Rube Goldberg machine

Jens “jeb” Bergensten tweeted a new video that shows off most of the new features to Minecraft in the next 1.2 update.  Its fun to watch and shows a little bit of the scope of the update, namely updates to mob AI to make monsters and NPCs much smarter, such as zombie pathfinding and skeleton survival.  If you can stand the chiptune music, check out the video after the jump!

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The result of Mojang’s weekend Mojam is…Catacomb Snatch!

Other than the unfortunate title, Catacomb Snatch is the latest game from Minecraft creators, Mojang.  Its a sort of side-scrolling, shooter, RTS, multiplayer…thing.  In fact it took me probably 20 minutes to figure out what to do.  (The fact that the game didn’t have a proper read-me file didn’t help either….).  While playing I took numerous screens and I figure I’ll try to explain it as best as I can after the jump, but I must admit its pretty damn fun and multiplayer looks even better!

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Mojang will make a new game in real time over the weekend!

And for charity no doubt!  Mojang, purveyors of blocks and fancy hats are going to be doing a nonstop create-a-thon over the weekend for an unspecified game.  It will last for 60 hours and will be hosted by my favorite indie bundle site The Humble Bundle.  All proceeds go to charity in a classy move by Mojang and I imagine the game will be available at some point to those who donate.  Also the offices of Mojang will be live-streamed during the process.  The whole thing is already in progress so check it out!

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Mojang news: Cobalt now available and Minecraft 1.1 update

Mojang, the people who brought you Minecraft are working on a couple of other games and one of them happens to be Cobalt.  I may be checking it out soon to get a feel for what it really is, but if the trailers are any indication, it looks sort of like a Liero/Soldat type of game, maybe without the terraian destruction.  Hit the jump for gameplay video!

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Was Minecraft’s official release also its death?

After putting Mincraft Monday on hiatus, I quickly realized that I didn’t have much other reason to return to the game.  The official release has come and gone for Minecraft, to much fanfare, but now it seems like there isn’t much more to look forward to and my interest in the game has quickly waned.

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Minecraft Monday – The End Quest Parts 3, 4 and 5

The Quest continues!  Yes, this is a huge update – some might say too huge, too awesome.  Yes, there is nearly 45 minutes of me making an idiot out of myself this week.  Too much you say?  Well I beg to disagree.  Today’s Minecraft Monday started out with a whopping 90 minutes of footage and each cut was like a skeleton shooting me in the heart.

Hit the jump for more!

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A new day for Minecraft, now in “official” release

Its been a long time coming, but Minecraft 1.0 has finally been released.  In some ways I think the game has always been released.  I never really imagined that updates would end either and it looks like they won’t anytime soon.  For the most part I think this will be business-as-usual for Minecraft fans.  Yes the game now costs $26.95 American and yes I paid only $13.66 for the game over a year ago, when it encompassed less than half of today’s features, yet the core of the game remained relatively the same (at least there were creepers!).

Hit the jump for the rest of the story!

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Minecraft Monday – Multiplayer Building

I decided to take a break this week from all the updates and pre-releases and take a look at our multiplayer server.  We moved to an entirely new location and I’m glad we did, this new area looks so amazing.  Dan is already hard at work on a new structure.  Eventually I hope to get all my friends over this area and start building up some cool things.