There’s all sorts of fansites for specific games from Diablo to Quake, from Zelda to Sonic and from retro games to indie projects, but why not a fansite for everything that video games have to offer?  In September 2011 I started FULLNOVAZERO as a place to share my thoughts on all things gaming.  Guides, reviews, previews and news, I aim to do it all!

FULLNOVAZERO praises the greatness in gaming and takes a critical look at new trends in the industry.  Sometimes we’re jumping right on the hype train and sometimes we’re derailing it.

Gaming’s a passion for everyone at FULLNOVAZERO, if you share that passion for one game or many, then you’ve come to the right place.

Content updated daily except for weekends.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Ryan Saul

If you need to contact us about content on the site, story tips or anything else, please e-mail us at:


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4 responses to “About”

    • Ryan Saul says :

      Hey wallcat, got a little distracted by PAX when I saw your comment originally, thanks for the nomination! You write about game development right? I’d love to repost something from your blog sometime if you’re interested.

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