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Misa’s Co-op Spotlight – HOARD

I am pleased to introduce my weekly segment entitled Misa’s Co-op Spotlight. The premise is simple, I will be highlighting a game each week in which you can play with other people (WHOA!). We attempted to do this last night but the livestream didn’t really work out, so just look for the video upload every Wednesday (sometimes Thursday) and feel free to leave some comments or recommend a game you would like to see us play in the future.

This week  I was joined by my husband Ben and our step-brother Devon and we played a game called HOARD (created by Big Sandwich Games) in which you are a tiny dragon who flies around and burns things in order to get gold. There is a lot of screwing each other over, stealing of princesses, and of coarse BURNING! The game is available on Steam and the Playstation network for $9.99 with the option of buying a DLC to get more maps and game content. Highly recommended as a short, casual game for friends.


Daily Play: Booting up Retro City Rampage

This is the first time I’ve started up Retro City Rampage and I have to say its a hoot. 1 part GTA and 9 parts pop culture satire. You can find the game on their website.

Daily Play: Torchlight II Beginning Act 3

Let me say that playing solo is far harder than playing co-op in this game. I die far more often at least. Today’s is lengthy for sure, but (eventually) I make it to a boss and (eventually) I defeat him. Riveting stuff, I know.

Team Play: Torchlight II with GRS and Dan

As we plow through the end of Act 2 in Torchlight 2, Dan and I discuss topics like ARPG games, Chronicles of Riddick and how annoying Skype can be. Check it out!

Daily Play: Torchlight II 2-parter

Today I have found that we are now allowed to embed our own thumbnails on youtube, which could be pretty big for our channel going forward. I’ll be getting on this soon as we continue to dial up the amount of content. Today’s Daily Play was unfortunately split inexplicably early on making it an unnecessary 2-part episode. Otherwise its only about 40 minutes long, so enjoy!

Daily Play: Torchlight II solo play

Back to Torchlight II, but this time going commando…in a manner of speaking of course. I am really starting to dig this game as time goes on. Co-op is fun, but Torchlight almost feels at home in solo play. In any case, thanks for checking it out!

Team Play: Torchlight II co-op

After some technical difficulties with the stream it seems like we have gotten this recording thing back up and running. Today (or yesterday if you wanna be like that) Misa and I played some Torchlight II. Literally the first time with the game, but considering how many Action RPG games I’ve played this year I didn’t have to stretch too long before sprinting into action. Grab a drink and enjoy a little co-op action!

Indie Spotlight: Prison Architect alpha

Introversion has been around for quite some time now as an indie game company, but not a lot has come out of the woodwork for them lately. I was pretty excited to hear about their Prison Architect announcement awhile back, but now the game is released in its alpha state. Been playing it for a little while, but unfortunately much of the tutorial was lost on me when it glitched. That means I’m basically learning most of the game in this video. Would love to play more of it and I found myself playing a new base shortly after ruining this one. Check it out!

If you’d like to grab a copy of the game in its alpha state and start playing then check it out on their site here.

Daily Play: Some Borderlands 2 solo action

Hey this Daily Play thing is actually kinda fun! I’m enjoying it so far at least. I mean, all I really do is play the games after all. This Borderlands 2 solo session was quickly followed by more Borderlands 2, so I can attest to the addictiveness of the game first-hand. Hopefully I can get somebody in the game alongside me next time as then the loot drops become just a little more hectic.

Daily Play: Some FTL and Spy Party

This is a bit of a Spy Party sandwich actually. Some FTL, then some Spy Party, then some more FTL. It’ll make more sense if you watch the stream. Big thanks to Chris Hecker on @SpyParty for mentioning our stream tonight!

I’m liking the name “Daily Play” too, might stick with it.

Grab a copy of FTL here.

Sign up to grab a copy of Spy Party here (when its available).