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Sony to not drop price of older PS3s

With a price of about $270 to $300 for the newer, lighter version of the PlayStation 3 coming out next week, a lot of people had to think: “Wait a minute, isn’t this a price increase?” Indeed, the last PlayStation 3, dubbed the “PS3 Slim”, sold for $250 for a 160GB version and $300 for a 320GB version, often with a bundle to boot. The price increase just begs the question of “Why?” but surely Sony will be reducing the price of older consoles to get them off the shelves.

Not so, says Sony. In another bizarre move surrounding the PS3, they are keeping the old prices alongside the older models, even as the new models take up store shelves. What will this lead to? Confusion more than anything I bet. As the prices will indeed look similar to consumers alongside one another and the bundles will also be similar (both the old an new include Uncharted 3 bundles). Read More…


New PlayStation 3 model to release Sept. 25th, Sony keeping price high

Amongst some rumors that there would be a new model to be released in late September of the now 6 year old console, Sony has now confirmed that a new PS3 model will be released Sept. 25th at the Tokyo Game Show. The most curious part of the announcement, however, is the price at $269 to $299, staying at around the same price as the soon-to-be released Wii U. Does this mean Sony has decided that profit margin is finally more of a sound strategy than keeping market share? Is Sony effectively deciding not to compete this holiday season?

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Back to video! Janessa and Ryan discuss this year’s E3

Feels like its been forever since I’ve clicked that “Upload Video” button on youtube, but today we return to form.  Janessa was in Portland over the weekend, so we got together to put on a short webcam discussion about all of our thoughts on E3.  I actually thought it went really well and I’m hoping we can figure out how to do it more in the future.

Today’s vlog is all about our impressions of the Big Three at E3 as well as what we thought were the best and worst things on the show floor.

What the heck is the point of these E3 press conferences anyway?

Do all good things have to come to a crash and burn ending?  At one time I used to be extremely excited for all of the big publisher press conferences at E3.  They were easy to stream and digest, one could extract quite a few nuggets of greatness from them and in a way they gave E3 a very official air, but this year proved that the format has become extremely stale.

Sure, part of the problem might be playing to the lowest common denominator, a great deal of the games shown were gritty first-person shooters, but I have a hard time knocking on that as I enjoy a lot of those games.  A lot of the press doesn’t though (apparently), so I can understand why many are frustrated with this year’s big conferences.

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Why this year’s E3 is so important

There is a hush amongst the crowds right now.  A quiet before the storm.  Something is coming next week, but we don’t know what it is.  This is the nail-biting feeling that I have and I’m sure many others in the community have.  E3 is now just around the corner and as is the case with every year, there will be many big reveals, many surprises and a lot of big marketing money thrown around.

But this year is a little different.  Its clear that the industry is at an impasse and the reveals at this year’s E3 will probably be very telling about where things go in gaming for the rest of this decade.  Even worse, it could be another year to parlay the important decisions and leave things to chance.  So what’s going on behind the scenes?  Why is this year’s E3 so important?

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How Sony can get their Groove back, and Stop Being a Nintendo Copy-Cat

Dear readers, you may have just felt the Earth move a little. This was due to the immense eye roll that happened after I watched game footage of the new Super Smash Brothers Sony Battle Royale game. Honestly, I couldn’t even finish the video I was so frustrated with the blatant lack of creativity and copy-paste action that was happening.

I don’t play the whole “which company is better” game between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, because that is stupid. I love each of them, they all get way too much of my money, and I firmly believe that they all have strengths and unique ideas that they contribute to the video game industry. However lately, it has felt like Sony has been dragging their feet.

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Valve may be attempting to make their own console

There is no universal law that there must be only a few console manufactures, that we must always have a Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft console.  Things change, drastically.  It used to be Nintendo, SEGA and Sony and long before that it was Coleco and Atari.  Perhaps we’re long overdue for a new contender in the market.

It looks like that’s where Valve may step in.

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Listen up gaming industry: We still need controllers

The writing does appear to be on the wall at this point.  The next wave of consoles is on its way and we will probably see what they all look like this year.  The Wii-U has already been unveiled.  Its concept is the controller.  But I still fear for where the industry is trying to take us.  Controllers, as we’ve always known them, the two-handed pieces of hardware with an array of inputs meant for ease of use and precision are still desperately needed for the next generations of games, but the industry would like to get rid of them.

Today in outrageous IGN rumors: Microsoft or Sony quitting consoles

IGN loves to feed into wild speculation and rumors, especially during the slow gaming news season of Janurary, but I feel like this is so ridiculous that I’m surprised it made it to the front page.

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Black Friday Gaming Deals

Oh yes.  Its that time of the year again.  I know all of you out there are just raring to get out after you finish your pumpkin pies and stand in line for 10 hours!  Kotaku did a nice little list of all the great gaming deals Friday and I’ve grabbed a select few.  Hit the jump for more!

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