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Pic of the week: Throne of Games

Full disclosure: I usually get these pictures from Reddit, but I typically come up with my own silly title.  This week I blatantly ripped off the name and I don’t care, because its perfect.  I think there’s a few people out there that like that Game of Thrones show, right?  Like, everyone in existence including me!!!  Yes, I’m a huge fan and I haven’t met a soul yet who doesn’t like it.  But since those people would be literally decapitated in public I think I can understand why they haven’t spoken up yet.

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SSX Community Challenge ep. 3

Its time for another Community Challenge episode!  As we get more episodes, the more content I’m able to build off of, therefore making them more enjoyable.  I hope you’re all ready for this week’s challenge on Serenity!

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SSX Guides: Deadly Descents parts 1 and 2

Man I love SSX right now.  Its definitely my go-to game.  I decided I wanted to bestow a little knowledge to the masses on how to beat all those pesky Deadly Descents parts of the game, so here you go!  Parts 1 and 2 of a 10 part series go!

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SSX Community Challenge ep. 2

This is definitely one of my favorite things to do right now.  I love SSX and I’ve been finding this as one great way to get the community pumped and active.  This game could really foster some big competitive spirit, even if it doesn’t get professional, this is just a lot of fun to do.  Hit the jump for my second episode of the SSX Community Challenge!

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The FULLNOVAZERO SSX Community Challenge!

I’ve been trying to think of a way to tap into the unrealized potential of the burgeoning SSX community.   Every so often I’ll document a race or event that I’d like to community to try and compete on.  This first episode will just be a pilot as I’m not sure if it needs more, less or if needs to be completely retooled.  The episode itself consists of the following:

  1. Location of a challenge
  2. Quick tips about the location
  3. Current high scores to beat

I may or may not want to add onto that later, but I thought it was a great place to start.  Hit the jump for today’s episode!

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Creating the world of SSX with satelites and real-world mountains

One hot point of discussion with recently-released SSX has been how the game heavily bases its maps off of real-world topographical data from NASA.  Its one of the more “gee-whiz” factors of the game that I think adds a little extra kick to the final product and should have mountain climbers and snowboard enthusiasts alike very happy with the final product.

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First Impressions: SSX

At this point I think you probably all know that I am a huge SSX fan.  I was chomping at the bit for another release for years, mainly because I skipped out on On Tour and Blur, and the announcement of another SSX game had me very excited.   Now that the game is out, I’ve played it for a few hours and I’m ready to give my first impressions.

The Bonus Round: More SSX demo goodness

As an extra special deal for all you FULLNOVAZERO readers I’m doing an extra video today that I’m calling The Bonus Round (title pending).  I would like to treat you guys to something a little extra once in awhile, so I decided to pull together another video from some extra footage I captured while playing the new SSX demo.  Hit the jump to check it out!

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Playing through the SSX demo on Xbox 360

With the landing of yesterday’s SSX demo it has been confirmed to me that yes, SSX is still ridiculously fun to play and listen to.  I’m already considering playing the 2 packaged demo courses over and over until the final product is released next week.  I sat down last night to record a little bit of the action and give you a sneak-peak into what to expect when the main title hits.

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SSX soundtrack revealed: awesome confirmed

A lot of people don’t understand the appeal of SSX.  I think they look at the gameplay and quickly decide its some sort of ridiculous snowboarding simulator.  But its much, much more than that.  The style of the game is what sets it far apart from its much more realistic counterparts

In a lot of ways I grew up on the SSX Tricky soundtrack, it introduced me to a lot of the genres and styles I listen to today.  So perhaps its finally come full circle now that the next iteration has some of my favorite artists and songs from the electronica genre.  Hit the jump for the complete list!

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