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‘Anna’ trailer is pretty, then scary

Its time to promote some more indie games that catch my eye!  Seems like I do that a lot these days, but indie games have long now become my bastion for original titles.  ‘Anna’ is a game that channels a lot of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but with way more light…and outside-ness.  Watching the trailer will really draw you in, then it will basically scare the living bejezus out of you.

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A deeper look at Assassin’s Creed 3

After getting a little sample last week of what the general concept is for Assassin’s Creed III, now we have a much better understanding on how that concept will be realized.  Press release mumbo-jumbo aside, the trailer and screens for AC3 really show off some interesting new ideas about the game.

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The Mass Effect 3 hype machine rolls on with new ‘Fight’ live-action trailer

Didn’t we just do this a little while ago?  I thought you were allowed one live-action trailer per game, but…oh the last one was just photo-realistic CGI.  That must be some sort of loop-hole.

Anyway, yes there is another goose-bump-inducing trailer for Mass Effect 3 out and yes it is pretty great, so get to watching it after the jump!

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The Mass Effect 3 hype machine is powering up with “Take Earth Back” trailer

Its no secret that I’m starting to get ME3 fever.  After the demo’s release and the massive amount of screens and pre-order bonuses being given out, its been hard to resist this game’s almost magnetic pull.  Why don’t more games release around this time again?  Seems like the lack of a proper gift-giving holiday has no bearing around the probable success this thing will have.

Oh yea, there’s a new trailer and its pretty awesome, you should maybe check it out.  After the jump of course.

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Natural Selection 2 is a labor of love

Natural Selection 2 is ramping up finally.  I remember following the sequel’s progress a long, long time ago, back when it seemed like just an updated version of the half-life mod original. Apparently creator Unknown Worlds decided that wasn’t enough and the results of an extended development time look like they will be paying large dividends.

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Its time to start getting excited for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Time hasn’t been good to Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Its been floating around for a few years now and I think people mostly forgot about it until last year’s game conference season.  Delays have been rampant and I suspected it might not even make it this year, but Gearbox hopes to prove that they are still working diligently to get this thing out, despite publisher SEGA announcing the game would be delayed yet again to some time in the fall this year.

Gearbox takes a page from those old “Mad World” Gears of War spots in this latest trailer, hit the jump to check it out!

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The Darkness II CGI trailer: not half bad

The Darkness was one of those quirky sort of games that blended a lot of alternative gameplay…things into its first-person perspective.  None of those things were particularly groundbreaking, but it was a neat game in any case.  I’ve had my eye on The Darkness II for the last couple of months and its sort of been lurking around, waiting for the hype of other games to cool down before it makes its move.  Well to be honest its now or never boys, its a pretty dull time in video games right now, so its time to bring out the big guns, which they have done with this slightly cheesy, yet still fun trailer.

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Resident Evil 6 trailer revealed

Much to the surprise of the gaming community yesterday, the first official trailer for Resident Evil 6 was revealed. The trailer shows off some pretty robust-looking gameplay, exciting QTE sequences that are a staple of the series and best of all: fan favorites Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield both as playable characters, likely in side-by-side co-op fashion as was introduced in RE5.  But enough of me talking, check out the trailer after the jump!

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GTA V trailer released – next game returns to Los Santos

Many were wondering which city the next Grand Theft Auto game would be set in and the first trailer from Rockstar clearly shows it will be set in the fictional Los Santos, a homage to Los Angeles, California.  The trailer also shows areas that looks well outside of the city-limits, possibly akin to Rockstar’s last Cali-based game, San Andreas, which was absolutely huge and encompassed two other cities.  While this game doesn’t look like it will be quite that large in scope, the city limits themselves look rather big.

I was most impressed with the updates to the GTA IV engine and how great the character animations look this time around, a cue likely taken from Rockstar’s last game: L.A. Noire.  Check out the new trailer below!