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I’m afraid that Kickstarter might be jumping the shark soon

OK, so that Tim Schafer thing is funded, so is Wasteland 2, is Kickstarter still a thing?  Of course it is!  Personally I’ve helped fund dozens of projects, sometimes giving more than I should have.  But I did it out of a love for passion and creativity.  When it comes to video games, the idea of letting a lot of people easily pre-order and fund a great concept feels like the utopia I’ve been waiting for.  People are willing to put up their hard-earned cash for this stuff, sometimes without so much as a demo!  As I’ve been saying for awhile though, it doesn’t seem like this thing can last forever.

I’m not going to get too ahead of myself here.  Kickstarter is still alive and, uh, kicking, but I’m very concerned about the direction its taking.

Last Tuesday two very high-profile Kickstarter projects launched, almost simultaneously.  Both of them related to video games.  And neither of them actually are video games, strictly speaking.  But each project stands to make or break what Kickstarter has been all about to video game projects.  I think we might be watching in real-time as Kickstarter jumps the shark.

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Pic of the week: Oh the choices you’ll make

Over the course of 3 games you would think people would have drastically different outcomes.  I think those of us who go out of our way to get away from the status quo of games will have that experience, but many others end up with pretty similar paths.  That’s just how things go sometimes.

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Penny-Arcade launches its news branch: The Penny-Arcade Report

Look everybody, I’m still pretty new to this whole video game blog thing.  Slowly but surely I’ve seen more of you come in for game guides, videos, news and all sorts of other stuff.  Its been a fun journey trying to figure out just what exactly FNZ is all about, but at the end of the day I love to consume video game news and write about my thoughts on it.  That’s why I’m excited to see that one of the gaming sites I frequent the most is becoming a haven for high-quality video game journalism.

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Penny-arcade and company to not attend E3 over SOPA/PIPA supporters

Not this time

SOPA/PIPA protests on the net went without a hitch yesterday, scoring marks much higher than anyone could have anticipated.

During all the commotion over blackouts and petitions to various congresspeople, Penny-Arcade’s Extra Credits posted a video stating that in retaliation to the ESA’s continued support of SOPA and PIPA, they would fight back by starting a community-wide boycott on coverage of E3 (which is pretty much run completely by the ESA).

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[Update] PR company for gaming controller insults customer, turns into the best web drama EVER

Today has spawned one of the most interesting web dramas I’ve seen in quite some time, one that has me refreshing often for updates.  A would-be customer for the “soon-to-be-released” Avenger Controller kindly asked the company when the controller would be coming out, as they had paid in full for a pre-order and the rather ominous date of “Early December” came and went without a peep from the company.  What they got in response was a thread of increasingly unprofessional e-mails that eventually found their way to the desk of Mike Krahulik (a.k.a Gabe).  The thread is a must-read and can be found here(PA’s site is getting swamped so it may be slow): Just wow!

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Penny-Arcade retrospective

Many who know me will know that I have a deep admiration for Penny-Arcade.  I’ve been reading them for years and I’ve been to PAX 4 times, so their influence on my life is thoroughly solid.  I’d like to salute PA for turning 13 recently, giving me a great deal of inspiration to play a lot of things I never would have otherwise and for driving me to start up my own blog.  Hit the jump for a 13-year retrospective of the art of PA, as seen through the main characters Gabe and Tycho.

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Modern Poetry

Penny-Arcade does a great send-up of the stereotypical Call of Duty players duking it out in match, but in beautiful prose, check it out!

Code Giveaway for Orcs Must Die! Skin

Hey everybody, I have 2 codes for the Penny-Arcade themed skin for Orcs Must Die! on Steam.  If you’d like a code, please send an e-mail to fullnovazero@gmail.com or comment on this post.  First 2 get the codes!  Note: You must already have purchased the game to use these codes, otherwise they will be useless.

UPDATE: Wow, that was super fast!  Both codes are now gone.  When you give stuff away the internet finds you apparently!  Thanks for checking out my blog everyone :D

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