The Darkness II CGI trailer: not half bad

The Darkness was one of those quirky sort of games that blended a lot of alternative gameplay…things into its first-person perspective.  None of those things were particularly groundbreaking, but it was a neat game in any case.  I’ve had my eye on The Darkness II for the last couple of months and its sort of been lurking around, waiting for the hype of other games to cool down before it makes its move.  Well to be honest its now or never boys, its a pretty dull time in video games right now, so its time to bring out the big guns, which they have done with this slightly cheesy, yet still fun trailer.

The Darkness II will be releasing Feb. 7.

Also, I was just thinking about how I hate to have to use “II” for sequel names instead of just “2”.  I guess its just pressure from some roman-numeral lobbyists.


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