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Retro City Rampage to (finally) come out next week, Oct. 9th

Retro City Rampage is the early-GTA-inspired, satire-filled indie game from Brian Provinciano that we’ve been wanting to play forever. Its finally coming to PS3, Vita and PC after years of development work.

This game looks quite fun to say the least, with various movie spoofs and old video game cliches. I personally loved the heck out of GTA2 back when we used to play it at LAN parties. The free-roam top-down aspect was always pretty neat and it was otherwise just plain fun run-and-gun style.

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Project Giana is now Giana Sisters, a Kickstarter project releasing this month

While the beginning of the year may have been filled with a lot of Kickstarters raising money, I think the new story soon will be projects that are actually finishing up their games and releasing a final product. That looks like the case for a Kickstarter project called Project Giana by Black Forest Games. Only a month after appropriating some funds from Kickstarter and setting back to work, the team has now named the project to Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and plans to release the game one way or another on October 23rd.

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Indie Spotlight: Prison Architect alpha

Introversion has been around for quite some time now as an indie game company, but not a lot has come out of the woodwork for them lately. I was pretty excited to hear about their Prison Architect announcement awhile back, but now the game is released in its alpha state. Been playing it for a little while, but unfortunately much of the tutorial was lost on me when it glitched. That means I’m basically learning most of the game in this video. Would love to play more of it and I found myself playing a new base shortly after ruining this one. Check it out!

If you’d like to grab a copy of the game in its alpha state and start playing then check it out on their site here.

Word On The Street: A Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie spiritual successor drumming up support

Everybody, my day has come. Many a project have come by and I’ve praised its potential through the roof, but nothing quite like this. Banjo-Kazooie could quite well be one of my favorite games of all time. Its up there with Ocarina of Time and Half-Life as one of the games I’ve replayed the most. So let me just say that when talk of a spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie, the 2nd game in the seminal duo of N64 classics, may be looking for some support, I’m right there. I’m all over that like a Jinjo on Mumbo’s Mountain.

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Playing some FTL: Faster Than Light

Just in the mood to try and get some video content up again. So I’d like to start again by playing a little FTL. Ideally it would be great if I could put some video out everyday, but….we’ll play it by ear for now. Check out the video and tell me what you think!

(Tentative name for the series is “Daily Play”)

Some Q&A with Phil Tibitoski on Octodad, Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

First of all, I hope you have seen Octodad, because it looks great. If you haven’t please check out our preview of the game here. If you like what you see you should probably mosey on over to the Steam Greenlight page for the game and give them a quick upvote. It similar to “liking” something on Facebook, except this actually helps make games come to Steam.

I recently asked one of Octodad’s primary developers, Phil Tibitoski a few questions about not just his game, but about the state of his development, his thoughts on Kickstarter funding and even what he thinks of the new Steam Greenlight process to approve games. Honestly I thought some of the questions were pretty hard-hitting, but Phil came through and answered them all impressively. Hit the jump for the full Q&A!

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FTL: Faster Than Light is for anyone ready to take on a new adventure at any time

FTL: Faster Than Light is a rouge-like for people who’ve never played rouge-likes. Its also one of the most addictive and re-playable games of the year. Prepare to take a rag-tag crew on a voyage across the galaxy battling pirates, escaping rebels, running missions for alien races and narrowly escaping asteroid fields, all in the span of about 2 hours!

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Fallout: New Vegas creators, Obsidian Entertainment, return with Project Eternity on Kickstarter

Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, Knights of the Old Republic 2, Planetscape: Torment and Fallout: New Vegas are just a handful of the hit games that the developers at Obsidian Entertainment have made in the past. Now independent and ready to start taking on projects again, Obsidian has turned to Kickstarter for a new franchise that looks to be a spiritual successor to their popular Neverwinter Nights games.

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Planetary Annihilation enters its final hours, Galactic War achieved, full orchestra next

Planetary Annihilation may be one of the most successful, well done Kickstarters of the year, right up there with Double Fine Adventure and Brian Fargo’s Wasteland 2. So far the project has been able to attract tons of attention that as of this writing has amounted to over $1.9 million!

The Galactic War stretch goal announced last week has already been achieved. Next they will be setting their sights on paying for a full orchestral score to the game from the Northwest Sinfonia, the same orchestra that has done music for Total Annihilation and Halo. With a game that has such a large scope I believe this will be a fine addition and it looks like Uber will have no problem achieving it.

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Mark of the Ninja does the stealth genre right

Stealth games have been in a bit of a lull lately. The genre was once very strong in its original form. Games like Thief and Splinter Cell defined it. But since that time franchises that address stealth have usually gone for more of an action-intense route. Splinter Cell basically turned into a video game version of 24, with way less emphasis on the stealth portion of the game. Most other games have abandoned the idea entirely.

But along comes Mark of the Ninja, a fresh new title with a huge emphasis on the stealth portion of gaming. While it uses a 2D side-scrolling view, it uses every opportunity that brings. Its easy to find ledges to climb up, see the paths of guards and the lights that you need to stay out of. Side-note: why do these places always use the least amount of light possible? Haven’t they ever thought of just putting a couple of florescent tubes up on the ceiling?

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