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Next Gen Jam

Millions of mostly unnecessary, shiny red particles, the definition of next gen.

So here’s the problem: the next generation of graphics is quite literally already upon us, the next generation of video game consoles is mostly unknown and the next generation of gaming is still developing.

Is anyone ready for some long-winded analytics and opinion?  E3 was a just a huge pile of conflicting themes and emotions and “next generation” was like the term that couldn’t be actually uttered, for fear of being backhanded by a Microsoft lanky.  I’ll try my best to keep the thread of discussion coherent, so here it goes.

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EA is seeing some shaky times these days

It seems to be pretty rough over at EA lately.  Things just have not been going their way.  Good for people who want to stick it to the man, not so good for people who still like many of the IPs that EA owns and operates, and even less good for people who work there.  EA seems to have fallen into a perfect storm of losing on some really big gambles.  I’d like to quickly explore what’s happening at one of the industry’s biggest publishers and maybe where this is going next.

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BF3: Close Quarters will not include Rush mode, includes ‘Conquest Domination’ instead

This is a bizarre twist.  Aren’t publishers of long-beloved franchises suppose to trash on the nostalgic and bolster the new?  Shouldn’t they be dropping Conquest and only support Rush?  That’s what I would have expected, but instead DICE decided to side-step all of that and just create a brand new mode for their upcoming ‘Close Quarters’ DLC, slated to come out in June.

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Pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 will net you a free Battlefield 3 copy

Touché EA, touché.  I see you have pulled out the big guns when it comes to Origin and have made an offer that no one can refuse. EA will be giving out full copies of Battlefield 3 to anyone pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 for Origin.

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Back to Karkand releases today!

Playstation 3 owners may have gotten it a bit early, but for all of you PC and Xbox players, the Battlefield 3 expansion releases today, so get yourself to updating the game.  What the expansion features are a number of remastered Battlefield 2 maps, which personally I feel like were some of the best in the series (with exception of 1942).  Those who own the Limited Edition get the pack for free, for everyone else the DLC will cost $14.99.  Damn EA, steep price for those who didn’t pre-order!

“Sorry something technical went wrong”

(1/26/12) If you’re now seeing this issue again, please let me know what’s going on in the comments below, I’m a gaming blog and I like to look into these things, thanks!

Two things I noticed right off the bat with BF3’s release:

  1. None of my friends added from the beta are still there
  2. Something “technical” went wrong, what?
Update (10/24/11): Things seem to be working, if you are getting this screen just keep retrying.  What worked best for me was closing the browser and starting over.
Update 2 (1/26/12): I’m getting a lot of ping-backs on this page today, if you are a reader seeing this problem can you please let me know what’s going on in the comments below?  I’m just a friendly gaming blog, but I’d love to look into the issue tonight!