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Gears of War 3 DLC revamps leveling and adds new maps

Recently I purchased the Gears of War 3 Season Pass and so far I have not been disappointed.  RAAM’s Shadow added a little single player action and the Horde Command Pack boosted some of the things to do in Horde Mode.

But at the end of the day I’m in it for the sweet multiplayer action and that’s where I want the majority of my cash going toward.  Epic put out the Versus Booster Map Pack for free last month and added an additional 5 multiplayer maps.   And that’s why it pleases me to announce that the next DLC will be coming January 17th and not only looks to add another 5 maps, but is going to add additional length to multiplayer leveling.

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The quick and dirty – Games of 2011 you must play

2011 ended up being a great year for games, be it sequel, threequel, or even an original performance.  I’ve been wanting to put together my own list of what I thought was the best of 2011, but its been a harder process to get written than I originally expected.  So while you wait for that (soon to be released) article I’ll treat you to this.

If you missed these games then you need to get to buyin’, because these are what I’d call in another form of media “required reading”.  I’ve listed the absolute, can’t-miss single-player games of 2011 right here, no explanations, just a quick list of what you need in your stash (in order of neediness):

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fullnovazero Podcast – VGAs, DLC and new games played!

Another week to try my hand at this whole podcast thing, I’ll admit I am still stumbling greatly, but I promise I will figure this out, again any feedback is appreciated!


This week in DLC

Its a pretty interesting week with no big game releases hitting anymore.  Its the time of year I look forward to playing the big pile of games I’ve already bought, seeing the latest movies and drinking lots of hot cocoa.  What’s interesting about this week, however is that in lieu of proper game releases, we are seeing some great DLC for those games we already have.  If you are looking for a new fix, DLC is the place to look this week:

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Black Friday Gaming Deals

Oh yes.  Its that time of the year again.  I know all of you out there are just raring to get out after you finish your pumpkin pies and stand in line for 10 hours!  Kotaku did a nice little list of all the great gaming deals Friday and I’ve grabbed a select few.  Hit the jump for more!

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Gears of War 3 – “Horde Mode” gets an update

If you haven’t checked out Gears of War 3‘s Horde Mode, I recommend doing so immediately.  The mode was drastically updated from Gears of War 2 and now resembles something more akin to Call of Duty‘s Nazi Zombie mode.  If you’ve already played it though, now is probably time to take another look, the mode has gotten some beefy updates from the latest DLC called the “Command Pack” that make it look like Epic will finally give some lasting support to its alternate game modes.  Check out some of the updates in this promo video:

The maps from this DLC pack will be available in 3 weeks for free, but you won’t get the horde mode updates.

Gears of War 3 Madness at Best Buy

Apparently I wasn’t the only one excited about Gears of War 3, Best Buy is currently decked out in all sorts of Gears-related merchandise to waste your money on.  From Gears-themed Xbox 360 controlers to entire consoles to “Epic Editions” of the game.  For those that don’t want to buy an entirely new console there is the Gears of War 3 “Slim Vault” by Calibur 11 (I guess Best Buy doesn’t have it on their site, so I begrudgingly will link you to Gamestop).  For me, just the vanilla version of the game, no extra trinkets this time, but I don’t think that will make my experience any less.

A Preview of Gears of War 3’s Campaign

The First 2 1/2 Hours of Gears of War 3 Are the Series’ Best Start.

The A-Team of the future, Cole might as well be Mr. T

Stephen Totilo does an excellent write-up of the gameplay for the campaign mode in GoW3.  As excited as I am for the multiplayer in this game, I’m equally excited about tackling this mode in 4-player co-op.  Totilo only tries it out as single-player, but notes that it would be even better with buddies.  Also, he does a great job of not ruining much of the story, but I generally skipped over parts I thought might be spoilerific.