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Valve releases an animated trailer for CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO) from Valve will be releasing tomorrow to many fans clamoring for another game in the hit series. Originally a mod for the first Half-Life game, its been nothing short of amazing to watch the franchise survive for as long as it has and stay relatively unchanged. Valve has released a new trailer for the game as shown below and even though there’s no croutch-aiming it still captures quite a few of the game’s staples like bomb defusal, flash grenades and AWP sniping.

It also has that trademark Valve animation quality to it, with a little bit of questionable film grain. Its easy to spot when something it made with the Source engine since everyone’s movements have this sort of clunky fluidity to them, its hard to put into words.

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Turns out playing the Mass Effect multiplayer affects your ending

What a bizarre twist to the idea of multiplayer.

Most of you are probably happily playing your Mass Effects right now, the furthest thought from your brain being that maybe there is more to do than just the single player campaign.  Well, there is.

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Is The Old Republic better as Single-Player or MMO?

I’m putting some extensive time into The Old Republic, my most serious playthrough right now is on a Jedi Sage at level 22.  A far cry from the max level of 50 and admittedly I could probably be much further if it weren’t for all those pesky friends and family I saw over the holidays.  The thing that keeps on nagging me, however, is if The Old Republic should be played from a single-player perspective or with other people.

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First Play – Battlefield 3 Co-Op

Sat down to a surprisingly difficult game of Battlefield 3’s co-op game. I hightly recommend getting more than 2 people in on this if you plan to take it on. If you were wondering, this was on easy!

Battlefield 3 Beta Helped Change Final Game

As should be the case with a beta, the results of the Battlefield 3 beta helped shape the final retail game for the better.  Many things I remember complaining very vocally about myself.  The developer outlined these changes on the PlayStation Blog recently.  Hit the jump for details!

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Mass Effect 3 has MULTIPLAYER? Say Whaaat?!

Mass Effect 3

The best part is that this coming entirely from a magazine I’ve never heard of before and they neglect to detail anything (buy our next issue and find out!).

I’m highly interested to see where this goes, maybe it is some amazing co-op system (which would make a lot of sense considering the style of gameplay).   Maybe its actual competitive multiplayer; I could see them doing a 2v2 style where each player gets 2 companions and you need to advance through the level very carefully and tactically, kinda like old-school Rainbow Six, but now I’m just way off in fantasy land, they would never do that.

My bet is on a Fable 2-like experience where you’ll be able to see where friends are in the game at any time and where their decisions stack up with your own.  In any case, sounds nuts.

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UPDATE: Bioware has confirmed there will be co-op multiplayer, sweet!