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Misa’s Co-op Spotlight – HOARD

I am pleased to introduce my weekly segment entitled Misa’s Co-op Spotlight. The premise is simple, I will be highlighting a game each week in which you can play with other people (WHOA!). We attempted to do this last night but the livestream didn’t really work out, so just look for the video upload every Wednesday (sometimes Thursday) and feel free to leave some comments or recommend a game you would like to see us play in the future.

This week  I was joined by my husband Ben and our step-brother Devon and we played a game called HOARD (created by Big Sandwich Games) in which you are a tiny dragon who flies around and burns things in order to get gold. There is a lot of screwing each other over, stealing of princesses, and of coarse BURNING! The game is available on Steam and the Playstation network for $9.99 with the option of buying a DLC to get more maps and game content. Highly recommended as a short, casual game for friends.


Misa’s trip to Valve and why it made her love the company even more

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of going to downtown Bellevue and visiting the headquarters of Valve Software. While it is relatively easy to take a tour of Valve (you can contact them and arrange for a tour Tuesday or Thursday every week), this was something a little bit different. I am part of an online gaming community and, as luck would have it, one of our members is employed there and was able to arrange a ‘special’ visit. Our community came out in massive numbers (40+ of us total) and jumped at the chance to explore a company we adore at a level deeper than just playing the various games they produce or complaining on the Steam forums.

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I’ll be your pocket Voltar!

It’s a MOBA! It’s 3 vs. 3! It’s…basically Team Fortress 2 arcade?

If you’re into action platforms that involve base defense and lots of fast-paced hacking, slashing, shooting, biting and/or blowing up enemies in an attempt to gain money (solar in this case) then you should definitely check out Awesomenauts. This game was recently released by Ronimo, and despite the developer having a very small track record (only one other game which I have never heard of), Awesomenauts may be their ticket onto the casual gaming map.

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