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Darksiders II starts out strong but whimpers in the end

There are some games that I want to like very badly, but actually have huge flaws that I end up overlooking until its too late. This is Darksiders II. Its a game that succeeds on my levels, especially during the first half, but then evidences a large lack of attention to development toward the second half. A disappointing outcome to one of my most anticipated games of the year.

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When game reviews are wrong: Wall Street Journal reviews Borderlands 2

I’ve held my own personal opinion about other people’s opinions for a long time: most of them are garbage. A combination of virtual anonymity, self-empowerment and a general notion that one is always right no matter what has led to the oft-said line: “It’s just an opinion man”. We’ll I’m here to say that sure its just an opinion, man, but what do you have to back that opinion up? Yes I do take personal criticism of my own opinions to heart, I’ve been known to change my tune in light of new information or even just a better stance than what I was once on. “Just an opinion” is just that: an opinion and nothing more, it has no real weight to it. So excuse me when I say that yes, people often do have very shallow, mis-informed and just plain wrong opinions.

Still not convinced? Well then let me introduce you to Adam Najberg. He writes for the Wall Street Journal and apparently does some of their video game reviews. Reviews, by the way, are the ultimate in journalistic empowerment. Its a chance to write about entertainment and voice what you think, without really doing much other research than just watching the movie, eating at the restaurant, or in this case playing the game. Najberg, in his review, displays a complete lack of knowledge of the gaming world or of its major genres, or of the first-person shooter’s pretty clear-cut sub-genres. In this case the distinction between Single Player Campaigns, Co-op Campaigns and Competitive Multiplayer games:

The sequel to the highly acclaimed 2009 Borderlands game goes on shelves Tuesday in Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions for around $60. At that price point, the first-person shooter, published by 2K Games, inevitably invites comparisons with the Halos and Calls of Duty games already out and due to come in the next few weeks and months.

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New Super Mario Bros 2 could also be called “Get Rich or Die Trying”

There’s a saying, maybe you’ve heard it before: “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. It is something Nintendo lives and swears by, and it is prevalent in many of their video games. Ideas and basic concepts are recycled over the years, usually brushed up with cleaner graphics and better co-op play. This strategy was a large contribution to the growth of the Nintendo legacy, and it really works. Set up a Super Mario Bros game on the original Nintendo, and people will flock to it, squealing, “EHMEHGERD, MERIO BERDDERS!”

Mario and Luigi will make it rain in da club

New Super Mario Brothers 2 was released this past Sunday, and thanks to Nintendo’s endearing predictability, I already knew what kind of game I was getting: your basic side scrolling, koopa-stomping, 30 some odd levels full of Mario and Luigi fun. Bowser’s lackeys were up to no good (again), Princess peach had been kidnapped (again), and it was up to Mario and Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom (aaaagain). However, something was a bit different about this Mario Brothers game. As I progressed in the levels, I noticed the amount of coins was quite higher than in previous Mario games. We’re talking, falling from the sky, shooting out of bricks and boxes, even enemies would turn gold, then shoot out even more coins after you defeated them. The Mushroom Kingdom was in the middle of a bona fide gold rush.

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How I’m reviewing games the same way as tasting wine

Or in my case beer tasting.

Over time I’ve been reading people’s thoughts about game reviews.  When I do a “review” its usually my gut feelings on the game roasted over a sampling of the problems I faced and the things I enjoyed.  Its not an exact science though, its opinion piece, at the end of the day I just really want to say “go play it” or “don’t touch it with a 10 ft pole”.  To me that’s how I like to hear reviews, but gaming is just somewhat more complicated than that.

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What I’m playing: Diablo 3 review

12 years after Diablo 2 hit the market and had people looting endlessly for all sorts of rare weapons and armor, Blizzard has finally graced us with a sequel.  Every single Blizzard game that I’ve gotten my hands on has lead to many, many hours of gameplay joy and I have to say that this is no different.  Blizzard always knows how to hit it out of the park.  But none of their experiences have come without some criticism and I’m never afraid to talk about it.

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Indie Spotlight: FEZ review

One game I just couldn’t put down last weekend was FEZ, an indie game for the Xbox Live Arcade.  Its been about 4 years in the making and its creators have become both famous and infamous for their appearances.  Does FEZ live up to the hype?  Hit the jump for my video review.

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Indie Spotlight: ep. 1

Hey everybody, sorry for the extreme lack of content, but I hope the wait was worth it!  I got to rethinking about some of the videos I’m currently doing, how I’m doing them, what I’m presenting and even where this blog is going.  The result was a few new ideas regarding what I’m presenting and the first one of those ideas is a resurrected Indie Spotlight.  Hit the jump for the first episode of the new format.

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Indie Spotlight: Vessel

Before being whisked away into the universe of Mass Effect 3 I was able to spend some quality time with the new indie game Vessel from Strange Loop Games.  I’m offering my first impressions of the game today and hope to finish it soon (barring that certain other games don’t take up all my time), hit the jump for the video!

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First Impressions: Mass Effect 3

After playing for several hours last night and quickly losing track of time, I can already tell that Mass Effect 3 is going to be a huge game to go up against.  I’m looking forward to meeting all of the characters and finding out all of the twists and tricks this game has to offer, but for now let me offer my first impressions of the game.

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First Impressions: SSX

At this point I think you probably all know that I am a huge SSX fan.  I was chomping at the bit for another release for years, mainly because I skipped out on On Tour and Blur, and the announcement of another SSX game had me very excited.   Now that the game is out, I’ve played it for a few hours and I’m ready to give my first impressions.