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It looks like Frictional is making another Amnesia game

Put away that bag of Milky Ways, it looks like Amnesia is coming back to haunt your dreams and scare the living hell out of everyone again! Frictional, creators of Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent have another domain registered at nextfrictionalgame.com.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 set to release in October

Is yearly releases the new “thing” when it comes to major publishers these days?  I’m not sure I see the point in pumping this stuff out so fast, especially when its such a storied game as Assassin’s Creed.  In any case Assassin’s Creed 3 is set to release this year on October 30.

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Rockstar might still do a L.A Noire sequel, but not anytime soon

Anyone following some of the post-release drama around Team Bondi last year now knows that the company is pretty much down and out and with it the chances of a L.A. Noire follow-up seemed slim to none.  Not so, Rockstar says.

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The Darkness II CGI trailer: not half bad

The Darkness was one of those quirky sort of games that blended a lot of alternative gameplay…things into its first-person perspective.  None of those things were particularly groundbreaking, but it was a neat game in any case.  I’ve had my eye on The Darkness II for the last couple of months and its sort of been lurking around, waiting for the hype of other games to cool down before it makes its move.  Well to be honest its now or never boys, its a pretty dull time in video games right now, so its time to bring out the big guns, which they have done with this slightly cheesy, yet still fun trailer.

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The Kid ain’t comin’ back: no Bastion sequel planned

Disappointing news for Bastion fans clamoring for more of the universe, Super Giant Game’s Greg Kasavin has confirmed that they will not be working on a Bastion 2 for their next project.

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Why did 2011 feel like such a disappointing year for video games? (or the year of the threequel)

There was an article the other day on Kotaku discussing 2011 as a year of disappointments.  I thought about this long and hard.  2011 actually had some of my favorite games of possibly the last decade, but there was always this subtle agreement with that statement, something in the back of my mind that told me this year really was a big disappointment.  Now I know why.  You can certainly have great, amazing sequels and some of them may even be GOTY, but if there are no original titles to surround them it becomes a wash of rehashed and refined formulas.

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