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What has Janessa been up to?


I’m in my final year of college, and my life has been consumed by my university. I’ll do my best to write articles here and there, because God knows how much I love smearing my opinion all over the internet.

In what little spare time I do have, some cool guys asked me to be in their podcast called “No Continues!” It’s about video games and other nerdy stuff. Please do give it a listen if you’ve got a moment.

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How to tell when a video game company knows absolutely nothing about video games

Not every idea is a good one. Furbies, the Resident Evil movie series, and Snooki are all prime examples of this. Unfortunately, the video game industry is just as susceptible to terrible ideas as everything else; I mean, look at Superman 64. What the hell was that? 

This past Tuesday was the release of new game NBA Baller Beats from Majesco Games; a Kinect exclusive that is half music game, half sports game, and one giant disaster waiting to happen. The basic concept of the game is to dribble a basketball (bundled with the game) to the beat of various songs, which I assume is supposed to help with control of the ball as well as…keeping time to music, I suspect.

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Why this Nintendo Fangirl will not be buying a Wii U

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog bubbling about PAX and how much I love Nintendo and how I wish they would adopt me. (Read HERE) While everything I said in that article was true, there were some things I purposely left out. Only one thing, really- the Wii U.

I got to play with one at PAX when I tested New Super Mario Bros U. The Wii U tablet was cool; very lightweight as well as easy to pick up and learn the controls quickly, but- something was missing. I guess it was that “love at first sight” feeling, the very same I had when I first laid eyes on the 3DS. I threw my wallet at the TV screen when I first saw the 3DS. I nearly puked with excitement the first time I got to play one. But holding that Wii U controller in my hands, there was no magic.

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Janessa’s Post PAX Wrap-Up: Why is Nintendo so good at taking my money?

I was one of the lucky few to attend PAX this weekend for the third year in a row, and just like every year, my life will never be the same. All the big names were there: Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda and so on, displaying their upcoming titles with extravagant booths and sometimes scantily clad women. Being a straight female, I didn’t even notice the booth ladies until I accidentally ran into one because I was trying to drink from an open container and walk at the same time.

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Hey everybody: Look at how awesome my Vault 101 suit is

I’m a bit obsessed with Fallout, but I guess this should be pretty obvious seeing as I made a Vault 101 suit. I will be sporting it at PAX this year, but I just couldn’t wait till then to show it off, so here it is!

The front. The belt is a tad difficult to see, but it’s there! I realize the blue is a bit too dark, but it is still awesome, in my opinion.

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PAX Prime Preview: Indie Developer Arcen Games

PAX is upon us dear readers! To celebrate I interviewed Arcen Games, one of the many indie gaming companies attending PAX this year. Erik Johnson gives us the DL on Arcen’s games, including its newest addition to the family; “A Valley Without Wind”. 

Full Nova Zero: Could you give us a quick breakdown of your games?

Erik: Our first game was AI war; a hardcore strategy game for the type of people who want their games to never end, and always have the AI reworking their tactics on you so you never have the upper hand. You constantly have to be switching up your tactics and not be obvious with how you’re going about your business. The whole point of the game is that the AI have obliterated almost all of humanity, so they’ve won. The robots have defeated the humans, essentially, except for small pockets of humanity left, and it’s like the last chance to make a run at these guys. So the idea is you can’t go running into battle, that would be stupid. The AI are much bigger and more plentiful than you, so you take key points by taking certain planets outside of their ranks and get more and more into their ranks. It’s a very difficult game to get into- it’s not for everybody. But, if you’re into strategy RTS management kind of style of games, you could have a lot of fun. Everytime you go into it, it’s a new experience. It’s a single player, but it’s way more fun co-op, and you can win more if you use co-op, because you will die a lot. (laughs)

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Bellingham Retro Gaming Night Wrap-up

Last night was a huge success! The Glow was packed with people enjoying some classic video games and listening to some great music. Big thanks to anyone who came out, and I hope you had a blast! I sure did…Definitely still felt it this morning.

New Super Mario Bros 2 could also be called “Get Rich or Die Trying”

There’s a saying, maybe you’ve heard it before: “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. It is something Nintendo lives and swears by, and it is prevalent in many of their video games. Ideas and basic concepts are recycled over the years, usually brushed up with cleaner graphics and better co-op play. This strategy was a large contribution to the growth of the Nintendo legacy, and it really works. Set up a Super Mario Bros game on the original Nintendo, and people will flock to it, squealing, “EHMEHGERD, MERIO BERDDERS!”

Mario and Luigi will make it rain in da club

New Super Mario Brothers 2 was released this past Sunday, and thanks to Nintendo’s endearing predictability, I already knew what kind of game I was getting: your basic side scrolling, koopa-stomping, 30 some odd levels full of Mario and Luigi fun. Bowser’s lackeys were up to no good (again), Princess peach had been kidnapped (again), and it was up to Mario and Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom (aaaagain). However, something was a bit different about this Mario Brothers game. As I progressed in the levels, I noticed the amount of coins was quite higher than in previous Mario games. We’re talking, falling from the sky, shooting out of bricks and boxes, even enemies would turn gold, then shoot out even more coins after you defeated them. The Mushroom Kingdom was in the middle of a bona fide gold rush.

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You’re Invited! Retro Game Night in Bellingham

Hello dear readers:

If you live in the Bellingham (Washington) area, there’s a rad event going on next Wednesday, August 22nd at  9:00PM at the Glow nightclub downtown. My work is co-hosting a retro gaming night, where there will be loads upon loads of game consoles from yesteryear to play all night long, Along with some other events:

1) Super Mario Bros. Speed Run Competition
– Warp zones allowed

2) Duck Hunt Competition
– Standardized distance at 5′ with 2 ducks.

3) King Of The Hill Arcade Tournament Including Soul Calibur, Tekken Tag, Street Fighter II, Bubble Bobble and In The Hunt.
– One credit scoring will be ranked into a point system of placement.

4) Retro Video Game Costume Contest
– Winner will be announced at the end of the night.

For full details on the event are available on the facebook page, Click here!

Cover is $3, and the event is 21+ because it’s at a bar and there is alcohol at bars, and also laws about alcohol and young people and blah blah blah.

If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi! I will be there, repping Full Nova Zero, hogging the NES playing Metroid or losing horribly at DDR.

(I realize DDR is not retro. Think of it as gaming for the sake of gaming.)

Hope to see you there!

Shut Up and Take My Money: Giant Samus Aran Magnet

The great thing about being an unmarried, childless adult is that you can buy whatever you want and nobody will judge you for it. Such is my case. I might have lied to my mom about the number of consoles I own, but it is only to save her the headache. Other than that, I am an independent, decent-income-earning adult who can buy a cart full of Legos and candy with almost no repercussions to speak of.

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