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League of Legends adds ‘Honor’ system to foster friendlier community

I can’t say this is the main reason I stopped playing LoL, but one of the biggest reasons was definitely the community. Each time I played was just a huge reminder of how much I sucked. And then the berating started. From my own team. Basically when a player in LoL figures out that you are not on the pro circuit or whatever the hell everyone seems to think they play on, that invites a slew of wild accusations of how terrible I am. Dude, like, I already know. I’m playing the damn game so I can get better.

Anyway, in an attempt to promote those who are maybe a little more helpful than simply calling me out on my IQ score, Riot will be starting a new ‘Honor’ system to reward players with ‘Honor’ points. Players will choose to upvote people at the end of the match and be asked to choose why they are giving them honor. Categories of honor include Helpful, Friendly, Teamwork and Honorable Opponent.

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Collusion and round of ARAM at MLG disqualifies top teams from LoL tournament

Over the weekend Major League Gaming held its semi-annual tournament for several games including StarCraft II and newly added and now ridiculously popular League of Legends. In one of their first rounds the top two teams at the tournament: Dignitas and Curse NA secretly agreed to a round of the fairly popular ARAM variation of LoL to the obvious confusion of the crowds. But what also happened behind the scenes was much worse as both teams came out as colluding for profit.

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What I’m playing: Action RTS games that I’m bad at

Action real-time strategy games (action RTSs) are the latest genre-fad in the gaming world.  Its a genre that’s been around for some time in the form of the original DotA mod for Warcraft III and has morphed into full-fledged games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and DOTA 2.  Some have even been inspired by the concept for other genres (see: Monday Night Combat or Demigod).  Right now, its booming in popularity and I think its only a matter of time before its recognized as its own major genre rather than just some mod off-shoot.

I’ll be frank with you guys, I suck at these games.  I always have and at the current rate I’d have to say I probably always will suck at them.  They’re teeth-grindingly frustrating, but I keep coming back to them again and again.

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Riot games has updated bots big time

League of Legends has been updated in a big way for players fond of the more casual Player vs. AI mode, a cooperative mode that pits 5 real players against 5 AI-controlled bots.

Reasoning for working on this feature in particular instead of something we would normally expect like a new character or perhaps even a new map was that the majority of players played at least one AI game per week and “it’s actually the primary game mode for a surprisingly large percentage of players.”  There will now be AI for 40 of the game’s champions plus AI for the very alternative Dominion game mode.

Razer’s Naga Hex mouse for DotA/MOBA-style games

Razer’s latest mouse appends some strategically-placed buttons for MOBA (or DotA) games that you will probably forget to use.  I’m not sure if anyone was actually asking for this thing, I personally don’t think the Q,T,E and R keys are that far out of reach, nor the 1-6 keys for items.  I could see myself assigning these buttons to items, but its probably likely that I would sooner forget I even had the buttons to begin with.

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Code Giveaway for League of Legends – Riot K-9 Nasus!

In celebration of fullnovazero’s 100th post I am giving away six Riot Nasus skin codes for League of Legends!  All you need to do is comment on this post before midnight Thursday (PST).  Six random winners will be chosen on Friday.

Note: You may see a delay in your comment and it being posted, they need to be manually approved by yours truly, I will try to get to them as fast as possible!  Only one comment per person please!

Also don’t forget we are still giving away a copy of Trine if you purchase the Humble Introversion Bundle and comment on this post by midnight tonight.  Not many entrants yet and that is a lot of quality games for only $5!

UPDATE: The time for submissions has been officially closed, codes are being sent!

My Closest Match of League of Legends: Dominion

I’ve been playing a bit of Riot Games’ new mode for League of Legends called Dominion and its been a blast! In this video I show you a very close match that a few of my friends and I had and explain some of the basic mechanics of Dominion as well as some of my amateur strategies. I also try my hand at casting the game, which I think was fun to try, but I need a lot of practice with color commentary.