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My room just got a lot more Dovahkiin with this giant Skyrim map

Some of you may be sporting those nice cloth Skyrim maps that you got with the game. I was always pretty jealous I didn’t get one, but now the tables have turned and you all can pretty much forget that thing even exists, because this custom wall banner puts your tiny map to shame.

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Scrolls definitely is not The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda, I’m not really sure why you had any worries about copyright infringement to begin with, but seriously, what Scrolls has turned out to be is anything but.

Indie darling Mojang has pretty much been the loudest and most vocal of the indie gaming community (and that’s a pretty hard title to hold with Phil Fish in the game).  What with all the lawsuits from mega-titan Bethesda and even going so far as to challenge them to a round of Quake 3 to settle the dispute.  They also tend to talk up a storm about programming techniques and what they’d like to put in their games and how or why some of those things don’t come into fruition.  If they talked anymore they’d be encroaching on Peter Molyneux territory.

Indeed, Scrolls is actually about what any of us who were actually listening expected.  It was announced as a trading card type game around a year ago and…then we pretty much didn’t hear anything about it until the whole Bethesda showdown last year (they settled out-of-court by the way).

For what its worth take a look after the jump, personally I think it looks fun, but it doesn’t really interest me much more than many of the other Heroes of Might and Magic games would.  For that matter it doesn’t really interest me much more than a lot of Facebook games would, but I’ll reserve my judgement for an official (read: beta) release.

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More ways to play Skyrim with upcoming DLC and Kinect update

Skyrim is a jealous game.

Its jealous when you start to play other games.  How dare you even consider that there’s another game comparable to the might and majesty of Tamriel?  Are dragons and sorcery not enough to satisfy your lust for fantasy?  Well, maybe it just hasn’t been trying hard enough.  Two big updates to Skyrim hit the news this week.  Hit the jump to learn more!

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Pic of the week: Throne of Games

Full disclosure: I usually get these pictures from Reddit, but I typically come up with my own silly title.  This week I blatantly ripped off the name and I don’t care, because its perfect.  I think there’s a few people out there that like that Game of Thrones show, right?  Like, everyone in existence including me!!!  Yes, I’m a huge fan and I haven’t met a soul yet who doesn’t like it.  But since those people would be literally decapitated in public I think I can understand why they haven’t spoken up yet.

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Skyrim Guides: The Blessings of Nature

More Skyrim guides for your viewing pleasure!  Whether you haven’t played the quest yet and want to see what its all about, or just genuinely like the sound of my voice, this video is a great little short watch.  Hit the jump!

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Skyrim Guides: In My Time of Need

Its time to get back on track with Skyrim videos.  I love doing them and apparently those who frequent my youtube page want more of them.  I want to put quality videos first and strive to make them as good as I can, so I’m starting up a new series of guides that will take us through all of the stand-alone quests in Skyrim.  Hit the jump for the next Skyrim Guide video!

Oh, and by the way, there’s a new logo blip for the beginning of videos if you haven’t noticed yet.  I’ve done away with the long intro so we can get right into it.

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Let’s Play: Skyrim ep. 5

Not much content for today, but I was able to pump out another Let’s Play: Skyrim, today I’m killing dragons!

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Let’s Play: Skyrim ep. 4

Today I take on Bleak Falls Barrow in this next episode of Let’s Play: Skyrim.  It isway longer than usual, so I apologize for that, but it was better than ending mid-mission.  Hit the jump for the episode!

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What does it look like to ride around the entire world of Skyrim in 6 minutes?

I’ve been thinking of this concept for awhile now.  In this video I ride around most of the perimeter of Skyrim on my horse Shadowmere.

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Pic of the week: Skyrim Monopoly

Since I’m getting back into the board game scene this little mock-up made me grin uncontrollably.  The most clever part, in my opinion, being the stables replacing railroads, brilliant!

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