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Humble Bundle 5 ends at a staggering $5.1 million

Bundles and indie game sales are not going away any time soon, not if you consider the latest success from Humble Bundle.  With possibly the best catalog of games in their bundle to date, this Humble Bundle earned over $5 million, selling to nearly 600k people over 2 weeks.  The record number eclipses the last successful Humble Bundles 2 and 3, which earned just over $2 million a piece.

I’d chalk it up to a lot of now must-play indie games all being gathered in one place.  I mean, this is the cream of the crop and I may even go so far to say that many of these are indie game classics.  Bastion, LIMBO, Amnesia, Braid, Super Meat Boy and darling hit Psychonauts, amongst some others.  Its hard to articlate just how amazing these games really are.  Add on the soundtrack of each game to boot and you’ve got one nice little package for an average sale of $8.53, which also happens to be the same price I spend on lunch at Quizno’s.

I was for awhile a doubter that the bundle model could continue at its current clip and I think Humble Bundle did a good job in slowing the pace down a little so the rest of us could catch our breath, but now we’re talking some much more tangible numbers that don’t completely devalue the games they are representing.  I feel like even at $8.53 people are percieving these things to be a little more valuable, but time will tell.


The Kid ain’t comin’ back: no Bastion sequel planned

Disappointing news for Bastion fans clamoring for more of the universe, Super Giant Game’s Greg Kasavin has confirmed that they will not be working on a Bastion 2 for their next project.

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The Top 10 indie games of the year

IndieDB posted a user-submitted vote for the best indie games of 2011.  I was very pleased with the results and even more pleased to see that I actively played 8 out of the 10 games awarded.  You can check out the detailed list here or hit the jump for a quick run-down.

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The quick and dirty – Games of 2011 you must play

2011 ended up being a great year for games, be it sequel, threequel, or even an original performance.  I’ve been wanting to put together my own list of what I thought was the best of 2011, but its been a harder process to get written than I originally expected.  So while you wait for that (soon to be released) article I’ll treat you to this.

If you missed these games then you need to get to buyin’, because these are what I’d call in another form of media “required reading”.  I’ve listed the absolute, can’t-miss single-player games of 2011 right here, no explanations, just a quick list of what you need in your stash (in order of neediness):

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This week in DLC

Its a pretty interesting week with no big game releases hitting anymore.  Its the time of year I look forward to playing the big pile of games I’ve already bought, seeing the latest movies and drinking lots of hot cocoa.  What’s interesting about this week, however is that in lieu of proper game releases, we are seeing some great DLC for those games we already have.  If you are looking for a new fix, DLC is the place to look this week:

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In Case You Missed It….

With Battlefield 3 and Arkham City finally out its the beginning of the end of the year of 2011.  And with Skyrim right around the corner I don’t think there is much chance that you or I will be able to fit too many more games in….But wait!  What about all of those other great games that came out during the year?  These are the top games of 2011 you may have easily missed, but absolutely need to check out before every last ounce of your time becomes spent.  Hit the jump for more!

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