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Decoding FEZ’s language, puzzles and secrets

Odds are that if you played FEZ over the weekend, you probably bumped up against more than a few monolithic brain-teasers.  Some of the puzzles in FEZ are literally taken right out of Riven and are pretty brutal to figure out solo.  That’s why FULLNOVAZERO is here to help you out!

Engage SPOILER ALERT LEVEL 99! Don’t read on if you want to figure out the puzzles naturally.

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Skyrim Guides: The Blessings of Nature

More Skyrim guides for your viewing pleasure!  Whether you haven’t played the quest yet and want to see what its all about, or just genuinely like the sound of my voice, this video is a great little short watch.  Hit the jump!

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Skyrim Guides: In My Time of Need

Its time to get back on track with Skyrim videos.  I love doing them and apparently those who frequent my youtube page want more of them.  I want to put quality videos first and strive to make them as good as I can, so I’m starting up a new series of guides that will take us through all of the stand-alone quests in Skyrim.  Hit the jump for the next Skyrim Guide video!

Oh, and by the way, there’s a new logo blip for the beginning of videos if you haven’t noticed yet.  I’ve done away with the long intro so we can get right into it.

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SSX Guides: Deadly Descents parts 1 and 2

Man I love SSX right now.  Its definitely my go-to game.  I decided I wanted to bestow a little knowledge to the masses on how to beat all those pesky Deadly Descents parts of the game, so here you go!  Parts 1 and 2 of a 10 part series go!

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Let’s Play: Skyrim ep. 5

Not much content for today, but I was able to pump out another Let’s Play: Skyrim, today I’m killing dragons!

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Let’s Play: Skyrim ep.1

And from the tail-end of our last Let’s Play comes the next series: Skyrim.  I’m really hoping this can last me some time, but what I’m hoping is it gives me some inspiration for other Skyrim-related videos which are currently the most popular on the FULLNOVAZERO youtube channel.  Anyway, enjoy this first episode of Let’s Play: Skyrim!

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Skyrim Guides: How to install mods through Steam

Last week I reported that the Steam workshop was now up and running, but now I’d like to show you how to use it!

Hit the jump for a quick video guide and detailed instructions!

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Steam Workshop makes installing Skyrim mods very easy

I’m sure a lot of people are really excited to get their paws on the new Skyrim Creation Kit, which should make modding much more easily accessible to the Skyrim community.  But I’m much less of a modder and more of a…moddee.  A mod connoisseur, if you will.  So what I’m more concerned about is how am I going to get all these new mods?  It looks like Steam has us covered.

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Skyrim Guides: How to power-level Sneak

I think power-leveling anything shouldn’t be quite this easy, but due to the way Skyrim does things it really is.  Hit the jump for my guide and notes!

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SWTOR Guides: How to gain affection with your companions

Its official, I’m in love with SWTOR (I think I’m also going to start campaigning to call it TOR btw).  I was pretty confused by the whole companion affection deal for awhile and after talking about it with some of my friends as well as looking up some guides online, particularly this one from oldrepublic.net, I felt confident in putting together a little video tutorial.  As usual I’m including my guide notes after the jump for quick reference, enjoy!

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