Rumor has it next Bioware game is “Command & Conquer: Alliances”

There’s been some speculation around what EA and Bioware are teaming up to do next, but a recent domain registration for around a dozen different names has everyone thinking the next game is going to be called “Command & Conquer: Alliances”, presumably taking place in the C&C universe.  Hit the jump for the full story!

Sources point to this whois registration information:

Other domains registered include and, even one under  I guess the strategy is just to cover all of one’s bases for a “just in case” scenario.  I highly doubt any future C&C games will have anything to do with the extreme deviation that was Command & Conquer: Generals.

Let me just take a step back and comment on how rad it would be to have another non-RTS style C&C game, as Renegade was actually pretty decent back in the day, despite not doing very well.  After solidifying a pretty solid new gameplay formula with Mass Effect 2, I think Bioware is the right man for the job on this one.

Domain names point to next game being called Command & Conquer: Alliances


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