Command and Conquer free-to-play game announced, named “Tiberium Alliances”

Oh, so that’s what they were going to call “Alliances”.

Last week it was rumored that Bioware may be making the next Command & Conquer game and some iplookups revealed the name of the game might be called Command & Conquer Alliances.  Once we found out that game would actually be Generals 2, I only briefly paused to wonder “yea, but what was that alliances name all about?” before jumping right back into my excitement for another Generals game.

Well, EA has just announced that a free-to-play game under the title Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances will be coming out not just soon, but today!  It goes into beta and after you watch the trailer with the extremely campy rock backround music you’ll realize why they might have kept it hush-hush for awhile.

Not sure if excited or horrified.


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