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Minecraft Monday – Strongholds!

Silverfish, zombies, libraries and of course creepers, strongholds have everything!  Dan and I explore one in what may be our best Minecraft Monday to date.  We did cheat a little, using a special program to find the location of the stronghold (more on that below).  What we found was a labyrinth of adventure and danger, there was even an aquatic cow!  This is another 2 part video, you won’t want to miss anything!

If you’d like to know how to find a stronghold without all the hassle, checkout this stronghold and village finder application.  Works on 1.8, but make sure you grab the right version.

Also, mentioned in the video was that I had started on a new brew, more on that later….


Minecraft Monday – Multiplayer Building

I decided to take a break this week from all the updates and pre-releases and take a look at our multiplayer server.  We moved to an entirely new location and I’m glad we did, this new area looks so amazing.  Dan is already hard at work on a new structure.  Eventually I hope to get all my friends over this area and start building up some cool things.

Minecraft Monday – Mineshaft…craft

First of all, to anyone who watched my last video, I did finally hunker down and play the game for awhile before recording this.  Thus I have armor, weapons, food, everything needed for adventuring.  I found one of the bigger adventure update features that I’ve been looking for – an abandoned mineshaft.  Yes, it was terrifying.  And yes, I scream like a little girl.  Enjoy!

Minecraft Monday: Watch me fail…hard

Welcome to the next edition of Minecraft Monday!  In an attempt to adventure far out in my new world, I ultimately fail pretty bad.  This is an extra long, 2 part edition, enjoy!


Minecraft 1.8 now official!

Something I’m really looking forward to when I get home.  The long-awaited 1.8 update that was leaked last week is now official.

You can bet this means I’ll be doing some more robust things for the next Minecraft Monday :D

I’m even more excited for what this means on our Minecraft multiplayer server, but that will have to wait for the next Bukkit update.