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What I’m Playing: Dishonored

Of course, first impressions are the most important and what an impression Dishonored has left on me! So far this game feels like the spiritual successor to Thief, with its intuitive sneak system and steampunk-esque aesthetic. I daresay this could be the sleeper hit of the year if it doesn’t catch much mainstream attention.


How I learned the hard way that Guild Wars 2 is still addictive, but in new ways.

This was suppose to be a grand weekend of work for FULLNOVAZERO. One where I played all sorts of indie games sitting on my pile, reviewed others, finished Darksiders II, even spent some time on the site overhaul, but not a lot of that happened. Instead Guild Wars 2 happened. All. Weekend.

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Looking Back: Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is that game you’ve probably heard about millions of times when people reference landmark, groundbreaking titles. It was highly lauded on the PlayStation 2 and oddly enough has yet to see a successor from its creator Team ICO.

Up until this point I had never played the game, but with my recent PlayStation 3 purchase I finally have played it, beat it and loved it. I’ve got a lot of thoughts to share about this game in a segment I’m calling “Looking Back”.

What I’m hoping to do with this segment is look at generally older games, like ones that haven’t been released in the last year or so, within reason.  Basically anything that’s not “relevant” to this point in time.  I figure Shadow of the Colossus falls under that category. Next up – Giants: Citizen Kabuto!

Just kidding. Well, maybe not. Enjoy the show!

What I’m Playing: Journey

Last week I finally ordered a PlayStation 3, which officially makes me a 3 console owner. It feels like a long time coming and I’m not entirely sure how I made it this far without the console, but its neither here nor there. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

One of the first games I wanted to try was Journey. I’ve known thatgamecompany for some time now through the game Flow, which I played on my PC long before it was ported to the PS3.  Elegant and simple, it seemed like Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen had a firm grasp on how to design a game that could give you a lot using very little.

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Walking Dead game needs to be played with a different mindset

When The Walking Dead game from Telltale came out awhile ago, I played through about 30 minutes of it and quit, somehow I just wasn’t feeling it.  When the second episode premiered the other day, I decided it was time to check it out again.  All of a sudden I was well entrenched in the game and found it hard to put down.  I think I know why though: The Walking Dead game is not a traditional adventure game or really much of a game at all, its best played as an interactive story.

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What I’m Playing: Quantum Conundrum

It seems like its been a little while since either What I’m Playing or any sort of gameplay video that I’ve done, so I’m pretty excited to get back to it.  Honestly it was a ton of fun to record something again, I hope you guys like us bringing back an old staple.  Yes, its clocked in at 15 minutes too, which always felt like the sweet spot.

Quantum Conundrum came out last weekend, so I wanted to share what its like.  This video is all new stuff to me, so you can literally see me trying to solve the puzzles in real-time, to mixed success.  At a clip of 2 puzzles per 15 minutes I’m sure this game will take me awhile.  Well in any case, enjoy!

What I’m playing: Diablo 3 review

12 years after Diablo 2 hit the market and had people looting endlessly for all sorts of rare weapons and armor, Blizzard has finally graced us with a sequel.  Every single Blizzard game that I’ve gotten my hands on has lead to many, many hours of gameplay joy and I have to say that this is no different.  Blizzard always knows how to hit it out of the park.  But none of their experiences have come without some criticism and I’m never afraid to talk about it.

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What I’m Playing: Super Monday Night Combat

After being so bad at action RTS style games, but still loving to play them a lot, maybe its no surprise that I’ve really taken a shine to Uber Entertainment’s Super Monday Night Combat.

A sequel of sorts to the original Monday Night Combat, SMNC takes a lot of what made the original great, but more importantly removes a lot of the stuff that we didn’t like.

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What I’m playing: Action RTS games that I’m bad at

Action real-time strategy games (action RTSs) are the latest genre-fad in the gaming world.  Its a genre that’s been around for some time in the form of the original DotA mod for Warcraft III and has morphed into full-fledged games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and DOTA 2.  Some have even been inspired by the concept for other genres (see: Monday Night Combat or Demigod).  Right now, its booming in popularity and I think its only a matter of time before its recognized as its own major genre rather than just some mod off-shoot.

I’ll be frank with you guys, I suck at these games.  I always have and at the current rate I’d have to say I probably always will suck at them.  They’re teeth-grindingly frustrating, but I keep coming back to them again and again.

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What I’m playing: Tribes Ascend

Its a weird time in gaming when you play something that feels so new, but its actually over a decade old.  Today I’m playing Tribes: Ascend, the new free-to-play game by Hi-Rez studios, based on the now crazy-old Tribes franchise.

What happened to Tribes?  Back in 2001 Sierra released Tribes 2 and many fans believed this game was the definitive Tribes experience with jetpacks, spinfusors and skiing.  It was perfectly balanced and unique gameplay with an addictive quality.  But it was also one of the last games of what I’d like to call the “sliding shooter” genre, games like Quake and the original Unreal Tournament, where players moved quickly across big maps and had big amounts of health and armor.  These days the sliding shooter has been largely taken over by the “crouch-and-sprint” shooters we’re all so familiar with, like Counter-Strike, Halo and Call of Duty, to the point where many have completely forgotten about the old shooters, or may have only grown up with the new style (yea, I’m willing to concede I’m getting older).

So now Tribes: Ascend has been released and even though the formula is over a decade old, it feels brand-new.  Suffice it to say that nobody is really doing a game like this right now.  Let’s take a look:

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