Project Eternity passes $2.5 mil, begins to take shape

I’ve been watching Project Eternity with a distant eye. I know its there, I pledged a bit of money and I’m sort of trusting the guys at Obsidian to do something special. But obviously Obsidian aims to impress us and prove that they’re not just out for a quick money grab. Indeed, Eternity is already beginning to take some real shape and form, even while its Kickstarter winds down.

Take, for instance, an intricate Reddit Q&A with Fallout creator Tim Cain. Here he details some of the classes and details gameplay choices. One that caught my attention was the decision to make weapons not locked to races, since the idea of being an orc and wearing human armor seemed pretty interesting.

Eternity will be going with a real-time with pause combat system. Considering that many fans are probably coming from games like Fallout where turn-based was the name of the game, I can see why this might raise the ire of some, but Cain defends it well. Let’s not forget that many games have shown us how well a pause-based system can really work and satisfy the itch that both real-time and turn-based gamers can have.

…we are going to make sure that the distinct abilities that our classes will have will each provide different roles to those characters in combat, and that you will always have choices to make in combat about how to best position yourself and use your attacks. In addition, we are going to design the enemy encounters to be ever-increasing challenges, so that one way of fighting won’t carry you through every encounter. You will be forced to mix it up a bit, tactically speaking, and use all of your combat skills to make it through to the end of the game.

-Tim Cain

This implies that the game will also be using a progressive-difficulty system, at this is one of the takeaways from what I’ve read so far. This idea has always been pretty hit-or-miss in my experience. Oblivion didn’t quite seem to strike it right, but I also dislike going back through old parts of a game only to crush enemies that were once all-too-powerful. The challenge is just gone from that. If things scale I can usually enjoy the difficulty more.

Another neat part of their fundraising campaign is the large dungeon called “The Endless Paths“. The more backers and Facebook “Likes” the game gets equals more levels in this dungeon. Its a total gimmick, but its neat. Like the amount of people joining in the fray is slowly expanding the game.

I’m happy to discover that music is going to be well done (always am). I have a tendency to obsess over video game soundtracks long after I’m done with the game. For what its worth I’ve been enjoying the orchestral overtures that they have been offering up so far.

Project Eternity is still up for its Kickstarter round and may very well cross the $3 million finish line. There’s only a few days left to catch part of the action!


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