Retro City Rampage to (finally) come out next week, Oct. 9th

Retro City Rampage is the early-GTA-inspired, satire-filled indie game from Brian Provinciano that we’ve been wanting to play forever. Its finally coming to PS3, Vita and PC after years of development work.

This game looks quite fun to say the least, with various movie spoofs and old video game cliches. I personally loved the heck out of GTA2 back when we used to play it at LAN parties. The free-roam top-down aspect was always pretty neat and it was otherwise just plain fun run-and-gun style.

Even RCR’s story looks like it will take much inspiration from the top-down classic with the main protagonist being a henchman for a major crime syndicate. In a nod to the anti-hero aspect of the GTA franchise, you’ll be battling what the game calls “evil good guys” in “Theftropolis City”. You play as “The Player” and will run missions inspired by many other top-town aspect games of yore (looks like there might be some Metal Gear in there) with a lot of pop culture references to boot.

I should note that purchasing the PSN version of the game actually nets you two copies of the game (technically) that you can cross-play on both the Vita and PS3, as a part of Sony’s new cross-play initiative.

The game is currently available for pre-order and if you buy it directly through their website you’ll also get a DRM-free copy of the game.


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