Humble Bundle 6 is live! Includes Torchlight, Dustforce and Vessel

Its that time again. Time for another Humble Bundle. My only issue is that this one may have come at either the worst time because everyone is playing other games or the best time when everyone is willing to pay for more games. Its a toss-up for sure, but you really can’t argue with the offerings here! Hit the jump for a quick breakdown of the games on tap this go-round.

Amongst the most notable in the collection is probably Torchlight. If you haven’t heard of this yet then your head must be under a rock or something. Torchlight is in many ways a spiritual successor to the original Diablo in terms of gameplay and really gets it right in every aspect with the exception of a lack of co-op. If you still haven’t played this one then its time to pull on those loot-grubby gloves and get to it!

Dustforce is another game I quite enjoyed and even reviewed it some time ago. Its a skillful rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog, but with way more emphasis on the skill part. Plays like a dream with a game controller.

Shatter is very new to me and otherwise looks like a crazy version of Breakout! so I’ll just post the video here, not knowing much more about it:

S.P.A.Z. you may have heard of at some point or another. It stands for Space Pirates and Zombies. It does live up to its name pretty well, but the real draw is the unlimited gameplay you can get out of it. Not quite the replayable type of space exploration that was FTL, but more of an “endless game” type of space exploration.

Rochard is probably the reason I bought this in the first place. I’ve been highly interested in trying it. The game looks like Metroid with a unique style and an emphasis on physics-based gameplay.

Finally, Vessel was another game I reviewed some time ago and it was a delightful experience. A surprisingly long campaign with a few different ways to upgrade your character along the way, its basically a physics puzzle game with a lot of attention paid to how fluids like lava and water react to the environment.

That’s it and I hope you do grab a copy of this bundle. They’ve always served me very well and this one looks like no exception. Sure I may have already played most of these games, but its nice to keep this thing going and keep giving great indie games the attention they deserve.


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