Why this Nintendo Fangirl will not be buying a Wii U

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog bubbling about PAX and how much I love Nintendo and how I wish they would adopt me. (Read HERE) While everything I said in that article was true, there were some things I purposely left out. Only one thing, really- the Wii U.

I got to play with one at PAX when I tested New Super Mario Bros U. The Wii U tablet was cool; very lightweight as well as easy to pick up and learn the controls quickly, but- something was missing. I guess it was that “love at first sight” feeling, the very same I had when I first laid eyes on the 3DS. I threw my wallet at the TV screen when I first saw the 3DS. I nearly puked with excitement the first time I got to play one. But holding that Wii U controller in my hands, there was no magic.


Maybe it’s because the Wii U is too similar to the Wii for me. Maybe it’s because I played New Super Mario Bros U, which (SPOILER ALERT) is just like every other Super Mario Bros game before it. Whatever it is, the Wii U is not exciting to me. (Maybe if they named it the “Super Wii” like I wanted them to…)

It’s not that I wandered around the Nintendo booth at PAX and yawned the whole time, I was just way more stoked for everything 3DS than the Super Wii. If I had the money to invest in both products, I might be more open to the idea of purchasing a Super Wii, but the fact of the matter is my money is limited, so I have to choose one, and that Pikachu 3DS just looks so effing cool. If your company’s biggest problem is the fact that your customer won’t buy one of your products because they’re buying another one of your products instead…that’s a good problem to have. On the other side of that coin, if your company’s product isn’t selling because people don’t find it exciting…that is not as great.

For more deets about the Super Wii  Wii U, be sure to read Ryan’s article about the launch details here!


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